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What company presented to the world self-adhesive leaflets for records and the word adhesive tape ?

a Good few of desktops and monitors at today`s offices is pasted over with small multi-colored leaflets with the most different records - from time of a meeting with clients to passwords to ICQ or e-mail. And the adhesive tape is familiar to us since a school time - unless there is the best tool to glue the worn-out textbook or to attach on a wall a poster with the favourite singer? Using these benefits of the office world, we do not even think of the one to whom have to express gratitude for their emergence.

Very few people know, as stickers for records, and an adhesive tape appeared in one firm - the 3M company (which till 2002 was called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company). This giant of the American industry lets out more than fifty five thousand goods today - from an emery paper and a laminate to electronic devices and the software - and a turn 3M exceeds 20 billion dollars. But how heroes of our article - an adhesive tape and leaflets of Post - it were born?

It is considered that the ancestor of modern of the gluing tape was created by the inventor Richard Drew in 1930 - x years for a fastening then of the cellophane which just appeared in the market. First, wishing to save, 3M applied adhesive substance only on edges of a transparent tape - and only after the decision to smear with glue all area of a product the world saw an adhesive tape in its current form. By the way, of Scotch - the registered trademark 3M which should not be applied to designation of production of other companies. But, just as " copier; began to designate all photocopiers, and an adhesive tape began to call all adhesive tape. However such fixing happened not everywhere - for example, inhabitants of the British Isles use the word Sellotape, Germans - Tesa, and the population of Austria glues by means of Tixo. All these words too once were brands of absolutely certain firms. And till ninetieth years of the last century it was possible to get not only a sticky, but also recorder tape with the name Scotch.

Self-adhesive leaflets for records appeared a little later - in the seventies the last century. At this particular time the doctor Spencer Silver by mistake received the glue which appeared insufficiently resistant. When his colleague Artur Frei decided to use unsuccessful substance for gluing of bookmarks in the book with songs which he sang as a part of church choir, there was a birth of one of future business cards of the company 3M. The first sales of an innovative product were unsuccessful, and only in 1980 realization of stickers for records on all territories of the USA, and in a year - in Canada and Europe began. By the way, the interesting fact for fans of reading: recently one of the best Russian publishing houses of business literature Mann, Ivanov and Ferber promised that in the book " preparing for the publication; McKinsey " Tools; we will be able to find 10 bookmarks Post - It from the company 3M - such here unexpected advertizing course was thought up by publishers together with the American company.

Sticky to you an adhesive tape and pleasant notes on stickers!