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Scientifically - information revolution at the present stage: some generalizations and vyvo

Scientifically - information revolution at the present stage: some generalizations and conclusions.

The new century, the new millennium, a new era of mankind burst! Why it is so emotional? Yes because unanimously waited for two-thousand year with fear and confusion, preparing for the worst. Reasons?! Well, we will return to the recent past, namely to some progress, defeats and results scientifically - technical revolution of the XX century.

In the XX century space exploration and Earth orbit for the purpose of expansion of a sphere of influence of mankind began. At the same time the scientific and technological revolution, by itself, caused a social revolution - enormous changes in life of society. Because it is clear where any revolution there both the person, and business, and natural social changes in its way of life, an image of work and creativity. Technogenic development which basis is the reason of the person was rough, unpredictable, rather tragic; the human reason, by definition, is aggressive and in a case when he is not limited by morals, is capable to bring incredible sufferings to the owner and people around. Dialectically all our progress was obliged to be balanced our sufferings - such is sad facts of life. And what is cost by mass graves of times of the French revolutions in comparison with GULAG and the Holocaust, and also a set of other consequences humane innovations mankind in the XX century? Hiroshima and Chernobyl, Shatl`s death and Kursk, accident on the Balkans, crash of the USSR and much, many other. It is quite natural that the mankind looked with fear for the approaching century because it was clear, as it is impossible to stop progress, but also to continue in former spirit it is deadly. On fire, floods, technogenic accidents the new person of the third millennium was born, but scales of accidents are so big and impressively that emergence of Homo Technicus took place unnoticed. Emergence of World Wibe Web, was, made an attempt to unite mankind, but as a result dispersed the people on corners and therefore the birth of the new person was not marked by epoch-making festivals. As well as always in the history, later all process will be described by mythemes. However, in all incident we are obliged to allocate the most important, significant point: with the Person Tsivilizovanny`s birth we found four-dimensional space - time on which development all HH1 will leave a century.

From dialectics it is known: mankind diseases always develop practically along with the recipe of treatment, so occurs and now. Definition of four-unity of the human person caused requirement to reconsider activity process metaphysics, having applied more careful analysis and synthesis, to reconsider old philosophical systems for the purpose of creation of the latest Theory within NIR. Therefore, it is similar korpuskulyarno - the wave quantum theory, there was an opening of the latest philosophical doctrine - the metaphysical dialectics considering four-unity of the personality in dynamics which is shown in the latest requirements to life, work and creativity both the individual, and all mankind in general.

Possessing all technical means of an era of a scientific and technological revolution, the modern person does not understand influence of high-frequency equipment on physiology of a brain and subjects more on all mentality at all. The person thinks of large-scale categories, without realizing about an events reality at all, especially everything occurs not in close proximity, and somewhere there over three oceans; as they say, the world is a war not on our continent. The similar remote physical impact introduced in an inner world of the person turmoil as that really happens, it is impossible to perceive sense organs, to worry spiritually before making decisions; the period of a psychogenic factor, i.e. time between incentive and reaction it was reduced to a minimum. Such, necessary now, neither the education system, nor the most ancient philosophy provided skills therefore - that as manifestation of an instinct of self-preservation various systems of martial arts became fashionable. It is work of subconsciousness of the person which, executing the functions, signals that not everything is quiet in the Danish kingdom, but instead of plunging into self-knowledge and to reveal, find, show, and then and to solve a problem, the person arms, so, just in case, - feeling at it it, intuition. But hopes to survive at the global fire are vain. We realize this problem and we do not think at all to laugh, by no means. Really, until now the outcome was not defined, ways of recovery are not specified, the latest ethical standards are not formulated. But it earlier Now we claim: time has come, - at Way! Because the one who not in Way, that on a history roadside!

However, as we know, the person - socially active being and, operating on the different power information planes of life, on a habit does not pay attention to boundary conditions which at the time of NIR extended to four-dimensional space. As a result of people, dialectically breaking a measure of golden mean, does not represent at all that can be expected in the future, but everything is already created and determinizirovano its, even single, by action - an act; in case of mass actions of accident are programmed, and already nothing can be changed, that`s it then we sigh and we claim: Destiny!

The social reality of the personality is result of synthesis of four interconnected processes of self-organization at the following levels: ideological (ideology, outlook), axiological (ethics, morality), gnoseological (ways of knowledge), ontologic (bases, principles of life). The same concerns also human communities. All activity of mankind proceeds in the optimum mode of power dynamic balance to which extremeness of behavior and situations resists; golden mean it is achievable in the rare occurences since process of knowledge and expansion of spheres of competence and influence forces to address power information extremes on purpose at peak of feelings and inspirations to comprehend the near future and thus to warn mankind against self-destruction. Modern level of a civilization demands to know and expect these extremes for the purpose of prevention of processes of destruction because at further increase in production of means of mass destruction it is almost impossible to avoid nuclear catastrophe.

Ideological level is caused by dualism of human nature, its rational and spiritual spheres. Thus, the person was till today forced to choose between utilitarian, technocratic development and spiritual, humanistic because harmoniously to combine these poles earlier it was not represented possible, and therefore the aggressive beginning of a human brain was always opposed to morals which main objective consisted in restriction, observance of a measure in knowledge. The mankind that denies a reasonable basis and does not recognize God as the organizing and directing force and the power, falls into social ignorance, completely renouncing the active learning beginning in the person. Modern physics, defining the person as open physical system, proved that the Person and God (as the power information Absolute) not just are in interaction, but actively influence at each other. Thus, became obvious that concepts macro - and a microcosm not antonimichesky contrasts, but dialectic, therefore, are possible interaction, interference, mutually reflection, mutually definition, interpenetration, mutually formation, mutually upholding. (it is detailed see the Course of JV " Academy; Management of the " project;) .

A way to golden mean of human development offered filosofsko - the ethical Doctrine the Solar Way which by means of a method of Power logic of Shchelkonogov revealed a power component of both beginnings of the personality and, thus, not only reconciled rational and spiritual in the person, but also specified a harmonious way of further existence and development. Owing to harmonization of two beginnings of people recognizes Absolute existence, without limiting the opportunities of knowledge of truth, but also without glorifying itself as evolution wreath, than the whole century of a scientific and technological revolution when exponential progress of technological process eclipsed consciousness catastrophically suffered, having caused so large-scale changes at the following levels of reality that only not less huge power losses horrified all mankind from deeds that, in turn, allowed to see reason. More deeply and extensively this theory is presented in the Ideological doctrine of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture.

Further. Violation of an optimum at the ideological level as a result causes difficulties of the behavioural choice at the axiological level, and we are forced to rush about between extremes: utopianism as a future cult, reacting to various theories of forecasting, and a pragmatism as a present cult, at the same time absolutely refusing to plan even tomorrow. The decision is given in the Political doctrine of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture. It is clear, that the truth is in an optimum ratio, but requirements and speed of course of social processes and scales and consequences of the choice are so unpredictable and instant that absolutely unique techniques which are capable to solve the problems facing the modern person are required. The decision which needs to be accepted at the ontologic level acts as a consequence. The median choice from totalitarianism extremes as cult of a general order to anarchism as cult of absolute freedom, is synthetic expressed in the Military doctrine of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture. We do not consider seven phases aggressively now - rationalistic activity and interaction of the personality, but perfectly we understand: not only information is the most rare of the benefits, but people is a data carrier, and therefore actively influences at the gnoseological level in dogmatism extrema as cult of plans and principles of business and scepticism as cult of refusal of the principles as requirements of novelty and comprehension of the latest opportunities presented by a modern level of development of a civilization. This situation is in detail described by the Economic doctrine of the Manoeuvers of the joint venture.

Lack of ideals, let and unattainable in real borders of knowledge, inevitably leads to one of cults as to the wrong solution of a dialectic task, however it is clear that extreme social behavioural reactions exhaust power information resource of mankind and therefore are historically not durable, as well as the similar theories, cults and idols constructed on the doctrine of extremism. It is necessary to realize that, despite power logicality of following of doctrines one of another, in reality of people exists on crossing of power information fields and is obliged to make the decision satisfying at the same time to an optimum of all levels four-dimensional spatially - a temporary kontinimum. It is clear also that the Doctrine of the joint venture the essence and ethical standards imposes new requirements to creation of hierarchical structure of society which is obliged to be the most elastic and to be defined as piramidalno - network structure that perfectly is confirmed by efficiency of business, i.e. work and creativity of both the individual, and community of people. Participation of the personality in evolutionary process, thus, has to begin with self-knowledge and self-government which expansion of own spheres of competence and influence on human community because only the latest person, Homo Technicus, is capable to make adequately decisions in the conditions of NIR follows.

in the conditions of NIR is admissible exclusively evolutionary way of development, revolutions will inevitably lead to death of civilizations, final and irrevocable!

Scientifically - Information Revolution of the third millennium brings the characterologic features in a material world and causes a social revolution since, we will repeat where people, there and business. Business is impossible without people, creators and consumers of goods and services. Let`s list some of the most important features of the modern world:

1. The amplifying robotization of production leads everything to the fact that many social groups of the population become unclaimed as well as the professions connected with physical work. One of consequences of this fact is that in modern business the increasing role is played by women, increasing the competition for workplaces. The world statistics menacing: every year over one million workplaces are released. What to do to these crowds of the unemployed? Someone, certainly, will find application by the to talents in a services sector, but, unfortunately, this segment of the market is not able to satisfy expectations of such huge and more and more increasing masses restless. Therefore, the future post-industrial society will not need a large number of material force, but in what it sublimates? The first call thundered: strengthening of ideologies of antiglobalists and feminists. The future not light-and is not joyful!

2. Globalization of modern business is natural and dictated by questions of efficiency and minimization of costs of production. The working person is not popular because his offer is not competitive. What he suggests to make for 200 dollars in the countries with more backward economy will be made for 2 dollars. Preferences of owners of business are obvious.

3. Informatization and emergence of the Internet lead to the fact that labor market simply - catastrophically rejuvenates, and the thirty-year-old person already is almost not able to find work in the specialty with worthy remuneration.

4. NIR led to the fact that the Noosphere doubles every decade. Consequence: receiving day higher education loses the relevance; so far you you study for emergency your knowledge already became outdated and interests nobody in labor market.

The reality of a new era of mankind is not settled only by these four characteristics and waits for the worthy researcher. We in this work will stop your attention on those knacks of the person by means of which each of you will be able quite to resist to escalating requirements Scientifically - Information social revolution.

The Person is the project! and since the birth he receives the Capital of which he disposes during the life. It is possible to present this Capital as three Bank accounts demanding investment and reinvestment in society, managements of cash flows of your accounts. Thus, the only thing, than we really and really operate in our life, it:

1. Health. Health as, first of all, the sum power - physiological opportunities of an organism is spent by the person on the course of the process of existence, and also in work and creativity. Preservation of health becomes the main task of the businessman (and we know that it is possible to call any of us the businessman) because it is clear that the new generation appearing every day drives out of labor market old men . If you not in Way, you - on a history roadside! - tough, but extremely actual motto of a new century.

2. Life time. Also absolutely real capital of the businessman. It is admissible to plan long-term investments in early youth since it is clear that execution is possible and real, over the years involuntarily it is necessary to restrain an ardor and to measure by shorter pieces, thus losing to youth, as we know, business - concept long-term.

3. Identity of the Personality, her individual abilities and opportunities. In modern conditions it is shown as experience, son of mistakes difficult also it is estimated at extremely high rates and only if your professional experience is still demanded by the present. For example to consider your brilliant skill on business accounts interests nobody already years twenty and you are not demanded in labor market at all. Therefore, requirement of creation of individual Cis is imposed to the personworld view subject (attitude, outlook, abilities, opportunities) which would sustain the modern competition.

4. Capitals of subordinates. The head disposes of these Capitals of subordinates, and business development completely depends on its ability to operate with these Capitals of a human resource. In this case he is obliged to be a Politician more than the statement becomes the businessman, otherwise true: if you do not politicize, then she is engaged in you! Let`s continue thought: without needing your personal presence at all, but completely operating you as a toy in rather dexterous, the mighty, not personified hands.

So, the aspiration to ever-increasing degree of an order and chaos is obligatory function of activity interaction of people and therefore NIR is an era of social global cataclysms because the mankind is not able to refuse expansion of borders of knowledge, but at the same time the world view is always late, lags behind external expansion that is defined by the psychophysical organization of the person. Complexity is that the Theory offered for the solution of problems has to carry at the same time both absolute, and relative character. The absoluteness demands that it approached and satisfied expectations of all people on the earth, and relativity - that was actual for each individual separately, gave his lives the purpose, an essence and sense. The doctrine the Solar Way and techniques of MSBB in particular satisfy both of these criteria.

On an apt expression of E. Bernstein, local social creativity makes sense and the purpose, and global, though is filled with a deep meaning, but does not pursue any aim . And we visually observe manifestation of dualism of human nature in operation: in spite of the fact that the global outlook does not pursue any social aim, it is absolutely necessary for mankind as the Beacon, as the Ideal in the conditions of instability and globalization of social processes. NIR demands from mankind and from you personally performance of historical mission - to overcome filosofsko - world outlook crisis, having rejected creatively sterile rhetoric which is diligently listing platitudes of process of globalization of the world. The doctrine of the joint venture offers the latest deideologized attitude, outlook, a world view!