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Whether the man can not strive for glory and money?

the Status are what practically all men seek to reach. We understand situation in society as the status - and this situation, by and large, can be caused by two things - achievements or money. Men of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Australia, America or Ethiopia - all of them strive for success, for popularity, to enhancement of the property. It seems, this aspiration is put in us by the nature - and whether it is possible to prevent it?

The answer to a question of whether it is possible to create society in which the man will cease to pursue increase of the status, in one of the works the famous theorist of management Cyril Parkinson absolutely precisely gives. He says that such societies are created many centuries ago and exist to this day - it is monasteries of various religions. And there is an obligatory requirement which the monk has to carry out to forget about a pursuit of glory and money - he should not have the right to marry. Existence or absence of women a row defines whether we try to tower in a social status.

Even if to withdraw money from circulation - as it had to be in communistic societies - but to leave an opportunity to marry, men will be torn to success tops. Start up this success it will be expressed and not in the nine-digit bank account - there are also other forms: sport, art, science... or power. And it is not known yet what aspiration is better - desire to have the three-storyed house with the pool or dream to subordinate itself hundreds of people.

Probably, it is not thought up still an ideal way of definition of the human social status. Someone will tell that it is money. But whether the girl with pleasure will share with own parents: I am going to marry the dustman... But it has two hundred thousand dollars on the bank account which he inherited from the aunt! . Perhaps, the second part of the phrase will not even because the potential will crash down unconscious be said. It and not achievements in the professional sphere. The doctor of science or the Master of Sports living worse than the cleaner of the market - it happens, especially, too if alcohol interposes in the matter. Perhaps, it is all about physical beauty? But, as practice shows, girls cease to choose the second half on this sign approximately in 16 years... Only imposing of all expressions of the status do the person really significant - an example of that John Kennedy who became to one of the most popular U.S. Presidents.

Someone will tell that the aspiration is harmful to finding of the significant status. And some readers - men will even play a cunning trick that to them absolutely all the same that I think of them people around... including, surrounding women. Actually, the desire to ascend to top of a social pyramid forces society to go forward. Unless students at the nights of the book would read if the purpose - the doctor`s or Candidate degree ahead was not visible? You would remain to work overtime if it did not allow to send the wife and children to have a rest to the good resort? In that case, in general cars Jaguar, Audi, BMW, Mercedes - Benz and furthermore Bentley, Maybach or Rolls-Royce would be invented?

Reach greatness!