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To whom are necessary Tanks to a booze or Why to us craft?

A few years ago I saw the movie about the Japanese cabinetmakers. These people are unique professionals: they peeled shaving 0 thick from wooden whetstone. 005 mm! For this purpose, naturally, the corresponding tool which was sharpened on a special grinding stone was required. And this stone was brought only from a certain place.

One more episode. Pavel Vlasov`s prototype in M. Gorky`s novel Mother - Pyotr Zalomov. In its autobiographical book The Forbidden people process of employment by the service technician of ship engines is described. It on introductory examination should have sawn round manually (!) file a neck of a cranked shaft to within 0. 1 mm. He made this work, but received the lowered hour rate: worked not in a full move.

High professionalism!

And to whom will come to mind so carefully today to prepare the tool to peel thin shaving? There are modern technologies of processing of a tree - they allow to copy products of any complexity!

To the current mechanic to saw round a file a neck of a cranked shaft manually with such accuracy - it will not dream even in a dreadful dream! Now there are machines providing accuracy to 0. 001 mm - why to overstrain manually!

Of course, in our century of automation, apparently, such ability is also not necessary, but These examples of professional skill I remembered

because work with the word is craft too. Another thing is that at this work there has to be both an inspiration, and talent, but without equipment - anywhere.

(To the word - about machines. It is how pleasant to work with a text editor of the computer - the person who did not print the works on the ordinary typewriter cannot feel it. Will put Word and a capital letter, and will clean double letters, and will allocate fonts, and to rearrange paragraphs - as easy as shelling pears! Grace! And there is also a spelling - check of mistakes! Well, just dream of the idiot!)

It is possible to say that the Muse is whimsical that to her you will not order to sit on a visit long: a little bit sat - and left . But if the technology of work with the word is perfected - simpler to communicate with the Muse, the inspiration lays down on paper at once (or in the computer).

I am admired by such lines:

How many them in thickets,

, How many their in a jackpot -

the Roar roaring ,

Roar growling ,

, How many running ,

, How many lying -

In a jungle and a jackpot ,

In groves and thickets !

(V. Vysotsky, Reserve )

If does not change me memory, such toys were also at Blok (from this what I am familiar with).

And verse music?

Walk, rags! Rash, Saturday,

the sacred silver!

A. Makretsky Redneck motive

Listen attentively to sounding of the selected words: in them a sound of the trifle poured from a palm on a palm! Shurshashche - svistyashche - ringing a sound! (When I told Alexey, he answered: And I did not even think of it! ) .

Or still:

So my cart creeps,

Stupidly stamp hoofs

A. Makretsky " Cart;

Four letters T in one line create feeling of full hopelessness! It is possible

only at free possession of the word!

And different styles? For example, imitation Japanese poets:

Young years passed,

As if Malaga, viscously,

run Now as if vodka:

bitter, colourlessly and quickly, Is sick with

knocking on horns.

A. Makretsky Tanks to a booze

And parodies:

In rhymes too not the fool,

Ya risked and began so:

You are a gornyachka - I am a miner,

You are an arrogant woman - I gordyak

A. Makretsky Gazmanizma

And as masters of mystifications for played the contemporaries (one of the most known draws such - Cherubina de Gabriac)!

Sometimes poets (and can be, publishers?) arrange a peculiar competition, more precisely - demonstration performance. So, in 1999 in Matvei Cherny`s (Israel) publishing house there was a collection Levantiysky crown in which wreaths of sonnets of 14 poets are collected. Here where it is possible to see how the poet owns the word (and thought)!

Jeweler possession of the word is as a facet for diamond: the talent begins to play all paints, behind each phrase the chasm of images appears!

What remains to us, mortal? To envy! And to try to seize secrets of craft!