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What is the own website?

according to more than 65% of the websites of all Internet are created by ordinary people, individuals who are their direct owners.

It does not mean at all that so many people understand html - programming, design and imposition. Actually, these websites are created by experts who have a wide experience in this area and receive quite good money for the work.

The programmer capable to create the websites, especially at the high level, is very much appreciated for the companies, the organizations and institutions. Now, when many people (potential clients and consumers) use the Internet, it is possible to advertize the activity or to offer the goods and services, having just created the website. That is it is not necessary to be spent for huge billboards, promotion, announcements or purchase of broadcasting time on television.

Today all companies conducting extensive trade or any other activity have own websites, and some even whole the Internet - portals. In the majority cases it very much facilitates work and attracts many new clients. Thus, the websites are most often used for advertizing in any its manifestation.

If you are eager to become the owner of own website, but in it understand nothing and are going to do everything, then you will find in the Internet a set of self-instruction manuals on creation of the websites and a set of the programs representing templates which need just to be filled It is the simplest to get in that case the domain on such websites as narod. ru, ucoz. ru and to them similar.

A set of such domains use the websites of clients for advertizing, that is for a certain payment you post on the website created by you a banner or article with a great number of references to the advertiser`s website. Money is small, but stable.

However do not hope that as soon as you become the administrator of such website, on you offers on placement of advertizing on it will fall down! At first you should untwist the website that people often visited it. For this purpose you can use sponsors about whom I wrote in my last article. I mean surfing in exchange for which you can place the reference of the website in promotion, and other workers in this system will also visit him.

But if you are not going to earn thus and just you want to make the website where people will find information, useful to themselves, then you should not be engaged in all this. However already you will have a lot of work because you will not be able to upload many files to those websites which I offered you. So, you should create the website by means of experts, and it is necessary to pay money for it that is unacceptable .

Means, as if you did not want that, you should post advertizing on the website to defray expenses because nobody will work just like that.

My article comes to an end, and I have to answer the question raised by me.

In - the first, the website is a lot of heavy and first boring work, it is a waste of time and forces, so that it can quickly bother you!

In - the second, it is money which you will pay and receive for this website.

In - the third, it is advertizing, advertizing and once again advertizing!!! Without it, pay attention to it anywhere, usually just you do not see it.