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What will help not to start up dirt in the house?

If theater begin, on a trope of K. S. Stanislavsky, with a hanger, then the dwelling of the person - with a rug at a door. The house - our fortress, and seeking to maintain in it isolation, purity and an order, people thought up doors, thresholds and rugs before them.

A threshold - the boundary place between the house and all other world. What only signs, conventions and bans it is not connected with it. Unlike almost mystical value of a threshold, the rug before it carries out quite household function - not to start up street dirt in the house.

If earlier business was limited to a wet rag on a floor and appeals of the hostess to walk, then in our Ntrovsky century high technologies undertake to solve a problem.

Yes, in general, is what to undertake. By calculations, 500 people visiting the room within 20 days can bring up to 6 kilograms of dirt. If weather rainy, then the speed of pollution increases by 5 - 7 times.

Of course, so many people at anybody in the house are not, but firms - producers consider also office requirements. According to technologists, modern rugs have to detain dirt and sand, to clear a sole of footwear and to absorb moisture.

For the successful solution of the listed tasks new materials with nonconventional opportunities are required. Emergence in the market of barrier rugs from cut microfibre became result of expensive researches. Their action is based on capillary effect. Cut on length on eight parts of fiber involve any substances, literally pinching all dirt, moisture and microorganisms from footwear. The square meter of a surface of a rug can hold in itself up to 5 liters of liquid.

Unpretentious watchman easily transfers temperature fluctuations and allows use in the open air. Motorists can spread it in inside of the vehicle. Care of a miracle rug the most usual: vytryakhivaniye, washing, drying.

With sand rugs easily cope with boucle structure from PVC - fiber. They are more hygienic in comparison with natural materials. Lack of pile causes ease of penetration of grains of sand which, without being late, fall under a carpet on a floor. And those that were late are easily shaken out.

Disposable rugs from new airlaid nonwoven fabric can become ideal means for fight against moisture. Their absorbing properties strike: one kilogram of new material is capable to connect, having turned into gel, up to 20 liters of liquid. It is difficult to pick up replacement to such rug in slushy autumn time.

On the basis of the latest materials also new multistage technologies of cleaning of footwear before an entrance to the dwelling are developed. The first step meets on the street. The lattice or a nap covering performs the dirtiest work, removing large particles of dirt from footwear.

The intermediate step is placed in lobbies and platforms. Close-meshed vinyl rugs delete dirt from remote crinkles of a protector of a sole. The coverings of the third step externally similar to usual fleecy carpets, finally clear footwear. Their place of dislocation - corridors and halls.

According to the estimates of developers three-stage antisplash systems detain to 90% of dirt and save up to 65% of time for periodic cleaning of rooms.

Of course, the latest developments are always expensive, and will still not really often meet them at entrances of our houses. But time goes. The hostess who estimated advantages of silent assistants will never return to the traditional rubber mat covered with a wet rag.

Success in pure business.