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How much is to bring together the child to school and what it is possible to save on?

meet New academic year elegant school students with new satchels behind shoulders and magnificent bouquets in hands. On the platform before school it is noisy, all are excited, exchange words. Children - about summer. Parents - about money. Children consider new textbooks, parents - the remains of the salary.

In a year before last when my son was going to become a first grader, we were frightened by all around: About! It is so expensive, to bring together the child in school! But everything turned out not so terribly as it was painted by compassionate neighbors. All trifles ( office , etc.) can be bought in passing: saw necessary - bought. Of course, there is a temptation to get a lot of superfluous (all such beautiful!) - that it did not happen, it is just necessary to drag with himself constantly the list of the most necessary which you made from dictation of future teacher. On all office no more than 300 rubles leave, probably. It is difficult to estimate it more precisely.

Concerning textbooks was lucky us: every year on them raise money directly at school, and some of textbooks turn out in general for a symbolical payment as we get them already former in the use. In the first class we handed over something about 600 rubles, on the second - about 700.

Now it is necessary to think of, where to put all this. Satchels, portfolios, backpacks ... The choice is very wide, both all besides beautiful and sparkling, to be defined very difficult. But it is necessary to remember the main thing - the backpack for the child has to be convenient and it is desirable with a firm back. Last year I followed the tastes of the son and bought that which was pleasant to him, and very much rejoiced to low cost. The grandmother abused us for the fact that the backpack appeared not with a firm back. This year we were rehabilitated, having found a remarkable backpack in the book market for only 600 rubles. Later saw same in shops not less than for one thousand.

Form . It is, perhaps, the biggest item of expenditure. And besides, thanks to the skilled grandmother, we had not to pay twice. The grandmother at us - the buyer - the expert. Only thanks to it we had not to buy a form and this year. On the first class we bought pair of school trousers on 300 rubles with a stock. Hemmed a little from below, having enclosed a trouser band, and now just unstitched and - about a miracle! - they appeared just! And the band rescued panties from attritions in the place of a bend. With a jacket it is simpler and simpler. The jacket and a vest do not wear out as trousers therefore they were necessary only in one copy. And they were got slightly too - slightly rather big, on 500 rubles. Well absolutely droplet. In principle, the child does not grow up in one year to such an extent to change all form. Though, everything depends on the child. Not all boys and little girls are able to wear clothes accurately. And one schoolmate of the son last year in the very first days lost a jacket! Well happens...

The rest - replaceable footwear, ceremonial footwear, sportswear - all this, as a rule, already is in each normal family, and especially for school is not bought. But it is possible to put on this one thousand one and a half - two at least.

Here, perhaps, and all. We will sum up the results :

- the school uniform, including sports and footwear, makes the biggest item of expenditure - 3500 - 4000 rubles, it is not less;

- a backpack - on average 1000 - 1300, but if carries, can be found cheaper;

- textbooks, notebooks and other trifles - 1000 rubles;

- still it is necessary to be morally ready to what at any school at the first PTA meeting will be collected for any economic needs, and it is not necessary to be irritated about it: it not requisitions the school validly has no money for many necessary things. Besides, usually the administration represented by parental committee tries to raise from parents money for various actions for the half a year ahead at once - just put at least 1000 rubles here.

We receive frightening minimum figure in 7 thousand if to try, it is possible to reduce this figure. Really on full training of the child for school not less than ten thousand rubles can be necessary. But you should not be frightened - in - the first, pleasure it is possible to stretch for the whole year previous educational and then expenses will not seem such global any more. And in - the second, it is necessary to remember that the main thing in training of the child is his physical and mental readiness to school, and it is necessary to make the maximum efforts for it and to find time!

Progress to you and your children!