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How to keep a piece of summer? Part 1

can be kept Summer differently, and it is possible so that it was tasty, it is useful, nourishingly and was about what to remember in the winter

can be Dried Dried summer and all is necessary - fruit, vegetables, greens, herbs - that only the soul will wish and that is near at hand.

process of drying dehydrates a product for this reason dried products have much stronger aroma, than fresh and are used in smaller quantity. They are extinguished, soaked and cooked, added as spices, make tea.

we Dry greens: Carefully wash fennel or parsley and let`s dry. In several hours it is possible to start processing - small cut greens and leave for several days on the sun, but not under direct sunshine. In 4 - 5 days the dried harvest is stacked in dry pure ware and put to the secluded place. Use in the winter for preparation of various dishes to give them aroma of fresh greens.

We dry herbs: also the herbs collected far away from roads, dumps and inhabited massifs similarly dry. In the winter from them make tea.

We dry apples, pears and grapes: before drying cut small apples and pears, and tear off grapes from clusters. Wet for a while fruit in slightly added some salt water - it will help to keep color and aroma. We dry on the sun of 6 - 7 days, protecting from hit of direct sunshine - it is the best of all in a shadow in hot weather. Then we collect in a package and we store in the dark dry place. The delicacy for culinary dishes and preparation of compotes is ready. there is no

of Restrictions on drying - if took in head to dry something, you should not guess over that, do so or not - safely forward.

The frozen summer

freezing allows to keep an initial reserve of vitamins in vegetables and fruit. But when freezing juice in cages of fruits, becoming ice, breaks off keen edges of a wall of cages. Therefore it is recommended to freeze the least juicy products.

Before a freezing to a problanshiruyta vegetables and fruit (prosteriliziruyta), then cool several hours. Now it is possible to freeze - pack vegetables and fruit into special forms and quietly put in the freezer. When in molds were created bricks from fruits, you can take out and pack into separate packages. So it will be easier for you to take out them from a deep freeze, and fruits will keep moisture.

However, not all products keep the properties and tastes when freezing. Among those which it is possible and it is necessary to freeze - peas, haricot, tomatoes, mushrooms, a cauliflower, apples, currant, raspberry, strawberry, peaches and greens.

But if there is a desire - it is possible to freeze all.

Fermented summer Fermented products are extraordinary useful to

to a stomach and the process of digestion. Lactic bacteria, producing lactic acid, well influence digestive organs. Salt and lactic acid during a zakvashivaniye destroy other microorganisms. Thus vegetables and fruit are at the full disposal of bacteria which excite lactic fermentation. Fruits actually live in the biosphere of enzymes and fungi, and in it their advantage for an organism.

How to prepare a brine. For a brine take the prokipyachenny settled water, dissolve in it usual salt - about 1 kg on 10 l of water. That it was well dissolved, let`s days be drawn.

We make sour cabbage: small cut cabbage, wash out, let`s be dried. Not strongly to its peremnita. Take big capacity (or small - for example, to bank) and stack thin layers, after each layer pereminy the laid-out cabbage something heavy. Each layer needs to be filled in with a brine and to shift polished carrot and apples. While it is made sour, periodically capacity with cabbage needs to be pierced - to the bottom. It becomes in order that there was a gas.

We make sour mushrooms. In such a way can make sour milk mushrooms, russulas and saffron milk caps. For a fermentation soak mushrooms in a brine of 2 days. Then stack layers in capacity, shifting each layer garlic and fennel, and generously seasoning with salt. It is necessary to impose something evenly proportional on the top layer of mushrooms and to put from above freight. The plate which is specially cut out from a tree for such purposes on which the smooth washed-up stone is put will become ideal option. To leave capacity with mushrooms for several days in the cool place. Mushrooms will start up juice and will be completely covered with a brine. After that let`s the slouch be drawn 2 months. Salty mushrooms are ready.

We make sour apples: Carefully wash out fruit, let`s them dry. Densely lay in ware and fill in with a brine. Level of a brine has to be higher than the level of the last layer of apples. Further, as well as in a case with mushrooms, put oppression on the top layer of apples.

the Sugar which is contained in apples will provide fast accumulation of lactic acid. It is necessary to sustain a product at a temperature not less than 20 degrees of about a month.

About other ways of preparation - in the following part.