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What to consider at the choice of the dishwasher? Sizes, parameters, cost.

So, with advantages of a machine sink of ware everything is clear. It is time to think of the choice of concrete model.

Hardly anyone - that will buy furniture or large-size household appliances, without having decided on the place where it will be established. Dishwasher not an exception. Its traditional place - kitchen. Though if you consider convenient, nothing prevents to install the car to other place. There would be a desire.

The built-in or separate dishwashers do not differ at the price or functionality, the choice depends only on you. Standard width of the car - 60 centimeters, but is also compact versions on a quarter already. The full-sized dishwasher of 60 by 60 cm in size is capable to contain in itself the maximum quantity of sets of tableware (to 14) and the biggest pieces of kitchen utensils. It is very convenient, but also is not cheap. Upon purchase in the Minsk shops it is necessary to lay out not less than $600.

However, forty-heels are not much cheaper, approximately for $50. Their functionality does not concede to larger fellows. But dimensions will not allow to load more than 8 - 9 sets of ware. The most tiny representatives of dishwashing sloggers capable to process up to 4 sets of ware, the sizes do not exceed a microwave.

What capacity is necessary to you? The car is inexpedient to be driven thin. The consumption of water, the energy and chemical means providing high-quality washing does not depend on loading. It is better to be guided by that quantity of ware which usually should be washed within a day. Yes, quite so: to save up for the whole day, and only then to wash up. It is possible to program the car on night washing if it is justified by a difference of tariffs for the electric power.

If the speech came about expendables, then I will remind that the dishwasher, except detergent, needs salt for softening of tap water and a conditioner. The cost of all chemicals counting on one sink will make about $2.

The conditioner provides gloss of the washed dishes, effective drying and a pleasant smell. Its absence in principle will not affect a condition of the car in any way. Attempts to save on salt can lead to sharp reduction of service life of expensive purchase as use of hard water causes not only stains and a deposit on ware, but also deposits in the dishwasher.

Important indicators of the car - a class of electricity consumption and a class of efficiency. The class of consumption of energy can be And, In or S. Samy economic - And. If to speak about figures, then the dishwasher of a class B consumes about 1500 watts of the electric power. The class of efficiency is designated by letters from A to G. The letter is farther from the beginning of the alphabet - the worse the car washes. Pay attention to noise level. Better if it does not exceed 40 dB. Level more than 56 dB is unacceptable, such noise prevents conversation.

Among brands indisputable leaders are AEG and Miele. Slightly concede to them Bosh, Whirpool, Zanussi, Electrolux, Siemens, Ariston. Sellers claim that the brand of the producer almost does not play a role. So it or not, it is necessary to solve.

Among functions of the dishwasher existence of careful washing of glass, drying by the heat exchanger, preliminary rinsing, the top box rearranged on height, half loading is welcomed. Various automatic modes allow to spend salt and detergent economically.

The dishwasher - a subject of long use. The average term of their operation is 10 years. The most widespread malfunctions are caused, as a rule, by a carelessness of owners, or neglect recommendations of the producer. Observe them. It will allow to save money and time.