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What to do with Letter of happiness ?

are rare who in Russia (and beyond its limits) did not find in mailboxes hand-written Sacred letters Letters of happiness or, on extremely measure, did not hear about them. Reaction to them at people different: one throw out anonymous messages without reading, others diligently execute all instructions which are contained in them. But practically each person who received such letter for the first time, as a rule, has a number of questions which to answer the author of this article set as an object.

Question 1. Sent me Letter of happiness what is it?

the Form of similar messages, as a rule, has the heading Letter of happiness . It gives rise and spreads rumors and myths, approving subordination of the person to certain highest forces. Sense and purposes Letters - happiness - it usually the offer of the help to and to the relatives needing support and hope.

Such Letters it is possible to consider as a specific genre of written folklore. It is peculiar written the myth which distributors (copyists) - who it is active who it is passive - live in it.

The knowing people say what tradition to write letters of happiness the roots consigns to the remote past of the East and Europe. Rather frequent mentions messages meet across all Europe including its Slavic part. Such Messages had character of the sermon, in the majority of them the same motive persistently sounded: people were convinced to celebrate Sunday, but not other day of week and not to occupy it with ordinary works, and to devote to God.

The similar written text in a form having function and a form of a saving prayer - a charm, was included also into oral tradition. Remained in country notebooks. It was taken with themselves on hunting, in the road, pregnant women for simplification of childbirth carried.

The written text which extended among city dwellers is closest to modern To the Letter of happiness . Most often in a legend of finding of the letter it was told about the stone which came on a silver platter. After the prayers said over it it reveals, and find Jesus Christ`s message in it, hand-written own hand its gold letters in the Jewish " language;.

Question 2. Whether it is possible to trust to the facts stated in Letter of happiness ? Attentively having read to

any modern letter of happiness, the attentive reader right there will find a set of inaccuracies and the most gross blunders. The most typical and noticeable distortions are mistakes in names, dates, figures etc.

Often each new phrase of such letter contradicts previous. In the first lines Letters of happiness for example, it can be told that its original is in Holland. And it bypassed round the world even 445 times! And below: Good luck bypassed the world of 9 times and further: The Original is in England . (Not superfluous will be to notice that never in such letters is specified who exactly does similar calculations.)

In the same paragraph it can be declared that the chain goes from Venezuela which, is in South Africa (in spite of the fact that actually the republic Venezuela is the state in the north of South America.) it is logical to

to assume, as all other information which is contained in the similar letter, too nonsense.

Question 3. What is electronic Letter of happiness ?

Electronic Letter of happiness - one of the most dangerous manifestations of this genre. Progress does not stand still and today during an era of globalization and new computer technologies to distribute to the practician messages of this sort various spammers for distribution " adopted; electronic garbage and also hackers for distribution of viruses, programs - worms and other malicious applications.

According to the anti-virus companies, many malicious applications extend unusually in high gear in this connection the conclusion was drawn that at the first stage some malefactors send tens or even hundreds of thousands of letters containing a virus, to users on e - mail. As a rule, in such letters a role copyist the malicious application carries out. Of course, most of users ignores the messages which came from unknown addresses. Nevertheless some part of letters nevertheless achieves the objectives: the careless or inexperienced user starts an investment, and the worm has an opportunity to send the copies to the addresses E found on the personal computer - mail.

Question 4. Who and why extends Letters of happiness ? to

As it was already told above, various anonymous messages: Letters of happiness Letters of the game so-called Love letters by e-mail malefactors for the purpose of receiving access to your personal computer can dispatch. However it not always so.

Also senders Letters of happiness can be:

- easily inspired, credulous people who consider that for their transfer they and the truth will be granted some bonuses from above;

- children to whom similar occupation seems amusing, and also the adult, but infantile people who did not play enough in the childhood, and now having a good time in this way;

- the people who are lagging behind not only in the mental development, but also in intellectual. They cannot even write the unpretentious offer, thinking up more - less interesting text;

- is not excluded that Letter of happiness you were sent by your personal enemy or the ill-wisher.

Question 5. I received Letter of happiness and what now with it to do to me?

most pertinent in this case to use recommendations of the wise, in my opinion, saying advising not to take bad in the head, and heavy in hands (if took - to throw far away, while flies - you have a rest ) . In other words: if to you it was lucky and you received Letter of happiness throw out it in a basket and try to forget about it quicker.