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How Pierre de Coubertin revived the Olympic Movement?

passed More than 70 years from that day when heart of the most interesting person of the time Pierre de Coubertin ceased to fight. It stopped suddenly when the baron made walk in one of parks of Geneva. It happened during this period when the International Olympic Committee already thought of that, where exactly to note 75 - Pierre`s anniversary. To it it fell short less than four months .

However, already Coubertin entered the name in history. In any case, each two years when there comes the time of the scheduled winter or summer Olympic Games, remember the enterprising baron. And almost always take into head: Why the happy thought came to Pierre de Coubertin to mind to revive the Olympic Games?

Pierre was born in the first January day 1863 in an ancient castle near Havre in one of the oldest aristocratic families of France. It is enough to tell that on the fatherly line one of his ancestors received a noble title in the middle of the XV century, and on maternal - and that earlier. The atmosphere in a family was rather sublime, Pierre`s parents got married on love that happens enough - seldom in similar layers of the French society. This love little Pierre enjoyed with great pleasure, than luxury.

But despite external absence of conflict in a family, in the boy the rebellious spirit developed. When all relatives were sure that the guy will choose military career (a number of his relatives were the high-ranking military), Pierre unexpectedly is admitted to the Higher school of political sciences in Paris, on philosophical faculty of Sorbonne. In the oldest university he was fond of studying of history, and also pedagogics, most of all it attracted physical training of younger generation. And to teach children qualitatively, it is necessary most to answer high level - so Pierre actively practiced boxing, fencing, rowing, riding.

On the termination of Sorbonne Pierre again - unexpectedly for parents goes to improve the skills to foggy Albion. Will of a case it appears in the small town of Rugby which gave the name to popular game. And what people lived here?! One of them - Thomas Arnold for 14 years heading local college became for the young baron the real mentor. He is convinced - without harmonous system of physical training, from children not to grow up healthy, hardy and dexterous young people.

Having returned to Paris, and having begun to work at one of capital schools, Coubertin introduces in educational process a lot of new. He, in particular, urges teachers to refuse the militarized education of youth based on the German gymnastics, and to develop new system. One for another 25 - the summer teacher publishes three books: British education: college and " universities; The English education in France Universities on both sides of Atlantic . They were apprehended as the management to actions by other teachers of the French schools. In a reinforcement of the views Pierre de Coubertin creates the Union of the French societies of run and Committee on promotion of physical training.

And on October 25, 1892 during celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Union of the French societies of athletic sports (it passed in a big amphitheater of the Parisian university - Sorbonne) Coubertin, during that time the secretary general of this Union, for the first time officially declared that he starts direct implementation of the project of revival of the Olympic Games on the principles corresponding to requirements of today .

By the way, the idea of revival of competitions came to it after visit of Greece where he watched carrying out archeological excavations on the place of ancient Olympia.

Two more years later on June 16 - 23, 1894 in Sorbonne there passed the International athletic congress on which the historical decision on revival of the Olympic Games and holding the First Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens was made.

In Greece it was very restless, armed conflicts continually broke out and Games had to become, if I may say so, a pigeon of the world. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) which secretary general was Coubertin is elected. The congress approved the Olympic Charter developed by it - the arch of the basic rules and provisions IOC. Subsequently became the author of the Olympic emblem, number of the Olympic rituals, the text of the Olympic oath.

Unfortunately, the first Olympic Games did not bring the world on the Greek earth tormented with war. In 1897 military operations were resumed here. And Coubertin, having summed up the results of the first Olympic Games in the big sketch, assumed that wider international character will be had by the following competitions dated for the World Fair in Paris 1900

As in water looked! Each time the Olympic Games drew the increasing attention to themselves. And in 1912 in a competition of arts in the section of literature Pierre de Coubertin was awarded a gold medal for Ode to sport in which expressed the understanding of sport: About sport! you are the world, progress, pleasure, justice, a call, nobility, pleasure, the architect, fruitfulness .

Coubertin was a person of multilateral hobbies what the XX centuries of the book written to them in the first quarter testify to: French chronicle Utilitarian gymnastics General history in 4 - x volumes, Bases of the city of the future Olympic memoirs .

It gradually became live history, the ambassador of the world and did everything possible in order that sports competitions succeeded ruptures of shells and whistle of bullets that the people learned to solve the disputes without use of weapons.

Pierre de Coubertin was buried in Lausanne. And his heart, as well as the great Frenchman bequeathed, it is buried in Olympia - the capital of the antique Olympic Games.