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How I made an electric mousetrap?

the core from the electromagnetic valve fell Somehow of me into hands: a winding, a core, an exit - an entrance You give tension - the core is involved, disconnect two hundred twenty - the core back jumps aside. I with this thingummy played some time, and the Idea came to my mind

Ya then in the wooden house lived. Rats - overcame! Whether at that time I had no cat, whether he did not cope already with such number of gray bandits - now and I do not remember. It was necessary to undertake something urgently. Magazinskiye mousetraps did not help. A rat - a cunning animal! To it (or a trap) around a tail to lead round this mousetrap as teeth it is a duck soup to make a hole in a package of bread on a table!

And here after a find of the valve madam Ideya came: I thought up to use this valve for production of an electric mousetrap. Well, or krysolovka, it to whom as is pleasant more I decided to make top and a bottom of a trap of a cut board - fours to use as the bearing details for all design, a door and sidewalls - from plexiglas (easily to use and rather strong), and a back sliding wall - from usual glass (for transparency).

In a board of the lower basis, is slightly farther from the estimated middle of a krysolovka, I cut out superficial (less than 1 cm) a cross groove about 3 cm wide. Then I covered working space (floor) of future mousetrap (and all - - mousetraps or krysolovka?) fiber board. Also I cut out a plate from DVP by the size of the groove which is taken out in a floor. In a groove, without philosophizing crafty, placed two bared wires, a cross - crosswise, slightly - nearly concerning each other. Then the prepared plate closed a groove with wires, having pasted it on loops. Made loops itself, having elementary twisted them from the strips which are cut out from a can. Instead of an axis for loops used a thin direct stalisty wire.

All design was made so that floor in a trap seemed equal, but as soon as the small animal stepped on a mobile plate - she moved down, and wires became isolated. Removed both wires which now are not bared to the top board. On the top basis, is closer to an end face from a door, a self-made bracket I attached my find - a core of the electromagnetic valve.

I will note that both bases - top and lower - I made longer than sidewalls almost exactly on height of a door which I the upper edge attached on a small shanver to the lower party of the top basis. Thus, when the door was completely open and was in horizontal position, its edge almost coincided with an end face of the top board. At bottom edge of a door I strengthened a wire bracket so that to its polukruzhya when the door is open, acted over a surface of the top basis. The bracket at the lifted door practically nestles on an end face of the top board.

I think, eternally wise reader understood an idea essence for a long time. I attached a delay to a valve core like long flexible checks which was inserted in a polukruzhya of a bracket and kept a door in the lifted state. The rat comes into a krysolovka, steps on a mobile plate, contacts become isolated, the electromagnet works, the core is involved, pulls for itself to the check it jumps out from a bracket, releasing a door, the door falls under a body weight and slams. In total! The animal is caught!

In order that the door was reliably closed at a zakhlopyvaniye, in floor before an entrance to a trap I strengthened the wire bent at an angle to a surface: the edge of a door when falling freely slides on a wire, it bends down, but then when the door was closed, becomes straight, rests against a door again, without allowing it to open.

At an end face of the top basis (below) I came into the disconnecting contacts that mine " system; did not work after the door slams: the door goes down, contacts are disconnected - current does not go any more. Even if the rat rushes about in a trap and comes on cunning a plate in a floor again and again - the valve does not work any more. I connected all contacts and the valve consistently so a design adequately reacted to short circuit processes - disconnections.

The conclusion in a network was drawn as an ordinary electrocord with a usual fork: guarded a trap (opened against the stop a door and recorded it cheky ), put a bait for a mobile plate, thrust a cord in the socket - and it is possible to wait for results of hunting for a rodent. From above krysolovka I attached the door handle that it was more convenient to hold " device; one hand.

Trial runs of the " device; passed very successfully. I just finished a product and guarded it in a corner, between a wall and the refrigerator (both the place secluded, and the socket nearby!) . I did not manage to prepare for expectation of capture of wild beasts properly as to me my uncle, already quite cheerful was declared, with a floor - a " tea letter;. The occasion was not subject to discussion: the grandson was born! Well what to do I put snack on a table.

And only we gathered, as they say, to aggravate as behind the refrigerator sharply slapped. There now! - I thought. - False alarm! On the contrary! In the worked krysolovka the first fresh copy sat! Well-fad! Came true: my idea was realized, the device works! Well, we also it with the uncle sprysnul

Here such I made an electric mousetrap, dear readers. Let you should not do it. And in your house if there live rats, then let it will be decorative animals - kind and tender friends, but not gray, spiteful, cunning, artful and dangerous beasts! And let your ideas are always realized. Good luck to you!