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Where the gynecologist looks? Let`s look together?

You Vit what grew up!

I not a miracle that it is white:

Mother is pregnant sat,

Yes on snow only and looked!

In the bus heard the Russian speech with characteristic reprimand, turned back and asked:

- you not from Moscow? there is no

- I from St. Petersburg.

conversation Was struck up, as a result of Dean told which - that about, about the problems. I suggested it to arrive, get acquainted with a new type of massage and to receive medical treatment. She agreed, arrived, and we began to put together with her its organism in order.

Its problem was that it could not take out more than a decade the child: to the first already 20 years, and all others - either an abortion, or extra-uterine, or false pregnancies. It arrived to Israel 17 years ago, passed, as well as all immigrants, delights of new life, but soon enough began to work in (she is a teacher), and as if everything was established. The husband works in the specialty too. Externally everything is all right. And there is no normal pregnancy -.

It passed various inspections, several medical courses - all this was ineffectual.

When it came to me, it became clear that physically it is very clamped: all muscles of a back are strained. Besides, it is very emotional.

For removal of a physical and nervous tension, except massage, I used meditation - and meditation did not work as it was expected: so it was resistant. Nevertheless, already the first massage partially relaxed her (for a start it was enough).

Sessions of massage and meditation continued, gradually meditation began to work as that and had to be (the full effect was gained after 25 sessions!) .

I, naturally, had a question: why attending physicians did not pay attention to its increased emotionality? Why they did not pay attention to a condition of muscles?

Where your gynecologist looked? - I asked it. - In a vagina? . She answered

: Well in a vagina! He in the computer looked!

The reason of unsuccessful treatment, in my opinion, in unilateral approach to functioning of genital bodies. Owing to the general nervous tension, and after that and muscular, internals, a brain did not receive enough blood, food therefore they did not work normally. A consequence - any pregnancy which ended with childbirth.

I cannot state judgments of actions of doctors - they have methods and working methods, on their account a huge number of good results. However the general condition of the woman has to be taken into account. Whether it is possible to regard it as a mistake, the miscalculation, short-sightedness?

So, looked at snow - gave birth to the child with snow-white skin. It is written nearly 200 years ago and when this sign was born - it is unknown. This thought - influence of a mental condition of the woman on a fruit - received rather recently interesting confirmation.

Scientists found out (I do not know, where and as, but I was reached by such rumors) that if the woman during pregnancy listens to any music, then the been born baby at sounds of this music calms down.

As it will be strange to you, the salsa instructor (at it my daughter is engaged) suddenly found out that her child calms down at sounds of this dance!

Conclusion: the mental condition of the woman influences not only her, but also a fruit. And if to track a little bit further: at an adverse mental and physical condition of future mother as if the nature does not allow to be tied to a fruit , preventing birth of the child with different deviations.

Practical conclusions from told:

1. The child has to be desired.

2. The child has to be conceived in love and a consent.

3. Before conception the physical and emotional condition of mother has to be at least not intense.

4. During pregnancy the psychological climate in a family has to be comfortable for future mother.

There will be many objections against these four points (who all this is able to be provided? Always something will be not so!). Yes, everything can be, not all goes as it is conceived, in strict accordance with reasons even of the highest order. However: forewarned is forearmed!

Propagate and breed! Carry out the Scripture!

But approach it not so unilaterally as it is done by some gynecologists!