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How to make the web - the website? The step-by-step instruction for teapots

World do not stand still, several decades ago the computer was a wonder, and now it is in each house, through it the person receives a huge number of information from the global Internet which shrouded all globe.

If you the businessman, the creative person or just are engaged in something interesting, then you need to create the personal website which can be used for commercial purposes and for search of adherents. In our article we will try to teach you from scratch for short term to create own website.

A type of a resource and design

First of all needs to think over a type of a resource and design of your future website. For this purpose there are two programs - Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. It should be noted that thanks to these programs it is possible to create, both the page with difficult graphics, and an unpretentious background.

Imposition of the website

to the Beginning programmers is the most convenient to carry out imposition of the website in the html language. For this purpose we create html - pages from a blank sheet or that is more available to the beginner, simply we adapt under the inquiries html - templates.

Process of imposition consists in placement on the page of future website of various elements, including the text and graphics. If you decided to make for a start the simple website, without any pictures, then it is possible not to be engaged in creation of the file with design, and at once to start creation of html - pages. Of course, if there are insuperable difficulties it is possible to address team of professionals, but to understand how to write in Notebook in the html language the page, not so difficult.

At first it is possible to see examples of other works, and then, on their type, to write the interesting and original preparation. Also there are special editors for creation of the websites, for example, of WYSIWYG Web Builder, Web Page Maker, CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer, WebSite X5 Evolution, BestAddress HTML Editor 2010 Professional and others.

Programming of the website

This stage, as well as the first, is not included into the list of obligatory. But, if you planned existence of interactive information, then without it in any way. Here some types of the websites during which creation programming is necessary: the website for the advertizing purposes, the website of the organization with a possibility of placement of additional information, the website for acquaintances or communication, the Internet - the shop, the website for games, etc. of

At creation of similar pages use various languages a web - programming. PHP, Python, Perl and Ruby on Rails under Unix - systems are most widespread, and for Windows use development of a dynamic content with application of means. NET. All this concerns server part, and on the party of the client usually apply JavaScript to programming.

What`s next?

After you completely finished work on appearance of the future website, it is possible to start the choice of a location of the website on Internet open spaces - a hosting and the domain - the address in a global network will depend on the last.

Hostings happen two types - paid and free. For the beginner it is the best of all to choose a hosting with already preset by CMS. Thanks to it the need for search and pumping of files will disappear. CMS is established by means of pressing to a naknopk from management of this hosting.

The domain name is an address of continuous placement of any concrete website and the correct domain name is a guarantee of popularity of your website. Why the name of the domain is so important? Everything is simple: the domain is the first impression, the domain is your sign in the chosen branch, the domain is your difference. The domain name is simpler and more sonorous, the it is more than chances to make the website popular. For the large companies which plan to develop widely partner and client communications worldwide it is better to register domains with a name of the website in all international zones - com, net, org, and also in those zones where the greatest work is planned - for example, Russia (ru), India (in), Poland (pl) etc. However it is simple to

to create the website and to stop work on its future not enough. That your page became visited, do not forget about advance and promotion. Besides it is important to secure your resource as the defenseless website is easily cracked with hackers.

How to earn from the website? the Majority of the websites is created by

for receiving profit and to earn the easiest way from your page is a sale of references from the website. In that case placement of pages on a paid hosting will become an optimal variant.

Sale of references is the easiest and fast way of receiving profit from the website, but before to start sale, be engaged in promotion. Attendance has to increase constantly. For earnings through references there are websites - satellites. There are two ways to make sale of references - classical when placement is paid every month, and eternal when the client grants the one-time sum for continuous storage of the reference.

Earnings on a traffic, sale of the space for articles and profit on the blog

After registration of own website at any exchange, it is possible to start realization of places on the Internet - pages under various articles. Also there is an opportunity to fill up the account thanks to publication of reviews or small offers of advertizing character. Earnings on a traffic are provided due to increase of number of visitors of the website, the more their quantity - the is higher the income.

Earnings on a contextual advertizing

Thanks to a contextual advertizing can gain quite good income, but at first it is necessary to satisfy several conditions. Make the website visited, then be engaged in search of clients. The subject of their production or service has to coincide with yours, then the contextual advertizing will make more profit for both of you. As an example of excellent system of a contextual advertizing, it is possible to give Yandex. Direkt and Google Adsense.

The most important - be not afraid to learn the new horizons and possibilities of advance of your idea. Practically all have mistakes therefore do not worry if something develops not as you counted, with mistakes experience comes. Experiment!