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How to develop a habit to be in an excellent physical and psychological shape?

I today something not in shape - how many times we in a day hear this ordinary phrase? And for all life? And gradually we get used what to be not in shape - usual condition of the modern person. Well, I still can understand raised neformennost in the morning after a big holiday (New Year, for example), but that this state was chronic!.

So, all of us know symptoms of the person not in shape .

Just in case I will begin to list them, and you continue if you want.

1. It is significantly reduced, in comparison with usual, labor productivity.

2. It is significantly increased, in comparison with usual, irritability.

3. The hunched back, uncertain gait, unnaturally silent or loud (for this person) a voice.

4. to further list to me it is already uninteresting if you want, make it.

So, we, are able not in shape we brake and are buggy .

When brakes and is buggy a computer, administrators will not allow to tell lies, the best way is to reinstall an operating system or to check " iron;. As you understand, the " system; it is not allowed to reinstall to the person though it is quite seriously quite possible to change it. And especially to change " iron; in the person it is much easier, than in a computer. It is only necessary not to be lazy!

Eh, I will begin new life since Monday! . Discipline and big desire to achieve something works only in the short term.

If you want that it worked long and effectively, then it is necessary to develop a habit to do physical and psychological exercises for maintenance " forms;.

And here is how to make it:

1. Get up at a mirror. Straighten a back, raise shoulders, smile to yourself. Do it every time before an exit of the house.

2. Begin to go in for physical culture. Allocate for it exactly a half of time which you spend in front of the TV or a computer.

1. Define the purpose. What do you want to achieve? To grow thin, become stronger or more harmonous? Do not try to pursue all aims at once.

2. Put a deadline. Hang up a leaf with date to which you have to achieve a goal, near a wash basin - let exercises will become the same habit as washing in the mornings and toothbrushing.

3. Make the plan. What exercises, how many approaches and repetitions, how many once a week?

4. Begin morning with exercises. I tried to run before work - it was pleasant and did not strain at all. Now I go with the camera along a certain route about 2 kilometers. However, there are no rules here! It is necessary to experiment and over time occupations - at everyone bio - hours, some, for example, badly feel themselves if they physically do since morning, but here in the evening at them everything is fine...

5. Follow the plan. Tells those days when there is no wish to do exercises and a body is not present are the most effective days. Perhaps, there is an invisible communication: the body speaks is not present but reason - yes then the body listens to reason and agrees.

6. Train at the same time who has a habit. Training with the good partner will motivate and will help to achieve the objectives. My way - instigate friends behind a glass of beer to go to play sports all together (for example, boxing). The more friends, the better. After the first occupation you are already involved, to you your friends just will not allow to cease to be engaged. If you do not go, talk will begin at once that you was frightened and in general weakling . And is together more cheerful than

7. Try to do what you never did. You can achieve everything that you will wish if you trust that to you it in power.

Maintenance bases psychological " form;.

1. Never in life forget that ahead only good!

2. Remember people who live worse you! Therefore take years of pleasure from days of your life.

3. What blows would not be struck to you by life, remember that other people got into even more difficult situations and still got out of them.

4. Continue to look for success even if you temporarily lost it. Each failure contains valuable lessons.

5. Analyze the mistakes. Do not step several times in a row on the same rake.

6. Systematically do what you are afraid of.

7. You enter innovations. Do habitual things in a different way.

8. Do not worry if you periodically have feeling of depression or irritation. Everything passes. And it will pass

9. Praise yourself! Just like that! And having finished even the most insignificant business, rejoice doubly!

10. Never compare yourself to others. (Though it is so hard!)

11. Do not strive for perfection! Accept yourself it (such) what you are! There is no second such lucky and, unfortunately, will not be any more!

And the Main thing Governed. Be sure by

of themselves!

Never, never, never give up!

Courageous Gods " help; - ancient Greeks spoke.

And who the most courageous in the world?

Of course, you!