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Who drinks ten cups of tea - that arrives wisely?

the Monk to Bodkhidkharma who founded the Buddhist current a zen left once on the high mountain where was going to spend several weeks to meditations. But eyes of the monk were closed all the time. And he fell asleep directly during a prayer. Woken up to Bodkhidkharma was angry with himself for it and, having cut off itself eyelids, threw them on the earth. Soon on this place the first tea-plant banishing a dream grew. So the Buddhists using tea for maintenance of cheerfulness during long meditations explained emergence of tea.

In the Chinese legends it is said that the legendary emperor Shen Nong became the first person who enjoyed tea. People in the ancient time drank simple boiled water. Once in Shen Nong`s cup the leaf from a tea-plant fell and made boiled water tasty, fragrant and invigorating. Since then people began to collect tea leaves and to make them in boiled water.

But the legend telling about discovery of magnificent properties of tea by ordinary shepherds is more similar to the truth. Cattle-farmers, watching the grazed sheep and goats, noticed that after eating of leaves from some bushes animals gained unusual vivacity and playfulness. Then people tried to collect leaves from these bushes, to dry up them and to make in boiled water. Effect of tea on an organism was pleasant to them. Since then also tea among people got accustomed.

The fact that the tea homeland - Hugo - East Asia is authentically known. There tea grows during the whole year. It is considered that people began to drink tea at the beginning of our era. In Europe tea got accustomed very slowly. Probably, all heard a story about how the English seaman sent to mother pound of expensive tea. The woman did not know what to do with this product, and decided to weld it in the added some salt water, and then, having cooled and having filled with sour cream, a tax to a table as salad.

In Russia tea for the first time appeared in the 17th century at the tsar Mikhail Fedorovich. He received dry leaves of tea among gifts from the Mongolian khan. At first boyars and court without special pleasure tasted mysterious drink, but then tea was pleasant to all. Even the tsar declared that he derives pleasure from invigorating Chinese grass . Tea became quickly popular in our country including at the simple people. As the real tea brought from China cost much, people cooked leaves of a willow-herb known in the people as Ivan - " tea;. By the way, to drink tea with a lemon our compatriots thought up. For what to them many thanks. In total - it is more pleasant to drink sweet tea with a lemon, than with salt and yak oil as drink in Tibet, or with salt, oil, milk and flour as it is done in Mongolia.

Presently it is scientifically proved that tea not only tasty and invigorating, but also very useful. Its advantage consists in the following:

1. Tea is effective for treatment and prevention of many heart diseases and strokes.

2. Tea protects from caries as the tannins which are contained in it interfere with formation of a dental plaque and destructive impact of food on tooth enamel.

3. Tea improves cerebration, memory, ability to process and acquire information. The Japanese scientists claim that at least two cups of green tea a day will help elderly people to hold the in remembrance.

4. Tea is effective at prevention and treatment of oncological diseases. Population census in Japan showed dependence of cancer cases on level of consumption of tea. The more tea people drink, the it is less among them having oncological diseases. It is much less than suffering from cancer people among those who drink more than ten cups of tea a day.

5. The Chinese scientists claim that tea has salutary effect on the people subject to skin diseases. Tea contains the polyphenols and tannins reducing irritation and an inflammation. The people having skin diseases for achievement of medical effect need to drink not less than five cups of tea a day.

6. Tea is useful to preservation of beauty and youth. Green tea struggles with wrinkles. It contains antioxidants and the tea EGCG catechin promoting reactivation of cages. Long to remain young and beautiful, it is necessary to drink at least one cup of green tea a day. Besides, green tea interferes with adjournment of fats and zhiropodobny substances and even destroys already available fatty deposits. Therefore the people seeking to keep as long as possible as it should be the figure need to drink green tea. Generally all need to drink green tea, fats are laid also on walls of vessels, and the useful substances which are contained in green tea interfere with it.

So drink tea, ladies and gentlemen! Tea is tasty and fragrant, it invigorates and gives a tone, and also promotes preservation of health, youth and beauty. Pleasant tea drinking!