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What is the strategic planning? Part 2: Practical steps.

Hope, you caught algorithm of development of business and realized importance of planning from the first part. Let`s talk about practical steps of planning of business now.

Plan planning. Neglecting

this first and main step, you as the leader of the team, you plan failure in advance. Every week a certain amount of time and efforts surely has to be taken away on scheduling. Perhaps, you agree that planning is important, but when you give it a lot of time, often there is an impression that this time spent for nothing. Actually, all just the opposite.

Let`s look at an illustration below. I apologize for quality. The main thing for me that you remembered better. This schedule - not a scientific formula, but just bright example of what occurs depending on your approach to planning.

If not enough attention is paid to planning, more time from - for unforeseen the changes and surprises arising therein is spent for performance of a task.

If enough time is found for planning though it can seem and unproductive, then, finally, time in general will be saved.

Define the main goal.

for this purpose needs to see a picture in general. Before making decisions at daily meetings with the people, it is necessary to define what main goal you set. Minor tasks have to be subordinated to the paramount purpose. Answer questions: Why there is your business? What do you seek to reach?

Assess a situation. Leaders have to see

and constantly assess a situation around them. Perhaps, you should stop and look how the situation in your organization is? Situation in collective or the skills as head, it is necessary to estimate from different corners. Four points of view are given below:

- a look from within the organization. These are those people with whom you work, with which you bear a business burden. What state among these people? What you as the leader, you do for improvement of the relations in team?

- a look outside of the organization. Do you have friends who are not included into your collective? Ask them to estimate and tell honestly how they see from outside?

- the look proceeding from the present. How your business looks from there where you are now?

- the look proceeding from the future. How your business months and years will look later? What tendencies develop?

Place affairs in a priority order.

Make the list of the purposes of team, having arranged them as importance and precedence. If not to make it, then affairs easy or urgent, but not the most important as a result will be made.

Ask the correct questions.

Where your business moves? Who what is responsible in team for? What expected expenses - the income? As far as according to the drawn-up plan affairs progress? How to improve critical aspects of your business?

Report and explain others what is necessary.

What happens to marriage if the husband does not communicate with the wife? Then they constantly separate from each other. When you form the team, constantly communicate with people, explain steps which they should undertake. It is not necessary to explain literally that it is concrete to whom to do. Channelize each person for achievement of a common goal.

Define possible obstacles.

Think what barriers can arise on the way of development of your enterprise? Develop ways of their overcoming. Present that action develops according to the worst scenario - your actions how head?

Control and correct.

it is As if conscientious plans were formed, there is always a need in control and adjustment. Be flexible - you make changes according to reality. Otherwise you can go astray and lead team up a blind alley.

Study results of the done work.

only one way to define Is, you win or not. It is the constant analysis of results. Wonder how you can achieve bigger?

I hope that the offered steps will help with creation of the strategic plan of your business. Be the equipped and prepared person!