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Whom can be today`s poor student tomorrow? You had not to hear

how adults speak to children: You Will badly study - you will become the janitor (the mechanic, the cleaner, the unskilled worker, etc.) ! ? Most likely, it was necessary. And parents of the children it frighten, and teachers at schools wish to scare careless pupils prospect of the unattractive professional future. Though many adults understood for a long time that school estimates practically do not influence further vital progress in any way. But it is necessary to interest somehow children, to form at them aspiration to receiving good marks Here also frighten by their work the janitor.

One my acquaintance - the school teacher - told me of what shock she felt, having met the former pupil:

- I Go on a supermarket, I see - the guy meets requirements of me - high, beautiful, is dressed fit to kill - and smiles. And what it, I think, he smiles to me? And then I see that the person - that at the guy painfully familiar. Hello, Elena Egorovna! And - and - and, remembered! It my former pupil - the first poor student and nervomotatel in the class was! Hi, Dima, - I say, - well, how are you? Yes anything, Elena Egorovna! Not bad! - answers. I to it: You Work? You study? Where? . And it: Yes the technical school ended is mountain - oil. Now here I work as the engineer in the oil company. Work interesting and salary quite good. So with life it is happy! Now here I am going to go to the university on the specialty . I did not keep and asked what salary at it. When he gave number, to me it became bad. I did not know that to do to me - whether to rejoice for Dimka which at school was an oak - an oak never did homework, was not able to connect two words by sense and quietly could not sit out five minutes on one place, whether cry with the fact that I, the first schoolgirl of the class who graduated, gave nearly ten years on that though to hammer something into the heads it here Dimkam, I earn now 15 times less, than it.

Ya, of course, as could, calmed the acquaintance, having told that there is also her merit in this Dimki`s progress. Someone has to teach children. And itself once again remembered the schoolmate - almost round honors pupil, pride of a class and school, the activist, the sportswoman, the member of the Komsomol and just the beauty who now very successfully does career nurses in hospital.

Not each poor student is fated to become an excellent student on life. However examples of it set. Little Isaac Newton studied not most worse - in his class there was a boy at whom the situation was even worse, than at Isaak. However that boy was deducted then from school, having recognized as the idiot. And Newton became the worst. Especially hard it was given the mathematician with physics. They say that it besides was awfully lazy. And when Isaak grew up, he became the world famous scientist.

Charles Darwin was considered confused too as the numskull which liked to have a sleep behind a school desk. And then this numskull forced the whole world to believe that work made of a monkey of the person. Albert Einstein would reckon as a child with the diagnosis " presently; ZPR also would study in a remedial class. He very late began to speak and differed in the bad speech - being even trained at school, used a lexicon of the preschool child and could not use difficult turns. But Albert grew up and received the Nobel Prize.

Sir Winston Churchill lagged behind in school in the majority of objects and did not even begin to go to the university. The inventor Thomas Edison studied at school few months. Once the teacher came to his parents and advised them to take away the boy from school as he, in her opinion, mentally retarded, and to sense from his study all the same will not be. And in the future Thomas Edison made a set of opening, important for mankind, and inventions, for example, designed the first power plant. Nikolay Gogol at school always received bad notes for compositions, and then grew up and wrote Evenings on the farm near Dykanka and Dead souls .

Bill Gates, before becoming the excellent worker, was the most ordinary poor student. And parents, arriving uneducationally, paid children 25 cents for each excellent assessment. Despite such incentive, study at future head Microsoft went absolutely badly - in a year it was possible to earn no more than five dollars. But then at school there was a COMPUTER, and woke the great abilities dozing in young Gates.

The list of ingenious poor students can be continued and continued. Why clever, talented and successful adults grow up from children who are considered as numskulls? Psychologists consider that creatively exceptional children often do not fit into the school standard and do not meet expectations of teachers of the good pupil. According to the psychologist of the Item. Torrance studying development of creative abilities, about 30% of the children deducted from schools for inability, poor progress and even nonsense are made by children gifted and supergifted. That is it turns out what honor every third deducted from school - the possible genius?

The training program is still aimed development memories more, than at development of thinking. Antoine Saint - Ekzyuperi wrote that in many children kill Mozart . There are children at whom I.Q. is low. However the level of creative thinking is very high. Such children almost always badly study. Often they become derelicts, hardly adapt to school requirements, suffer from uncertainty in themselves and a set of complexes. These pupils of the teacher are often characterized as stupid and inattentive. But such children cannot have interest and abilities to all school objects. As a rule, they are attracted by something one in what can not be it equal. In it the present poor student will achieve success tomorrow.

Only it is not necessary to kill in Mozart`s child, doing a terrible tragedy of bad notes, giving him strict installation on one five and promising otherwise career of the janitor. Get accustomed to the child, and you will see in what his genius. And then, maybe, not the janitor, but Walter Scott, Nikolay Lobachevsky or Karl Linney who at school were ordinary poor students will grow up from it!