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To whom and for what give the Ignobelevsky award?

are known to All about the Nobel Prize which is handed for outstanding achievements in science. And about comic Ignobelya not everyone knows.

Ernest Hemingway an award on literature was long not given and when he all - received winning of the award, called it Ignobel that is an award which can be ignored. Hemingway`s word Ignobel it was pleasant to publishers scientifically - the comic magazine Annals of unlikely stories and they founded the Ignobelevsky award for achievements which it is impossible or is not necessary to repeat .

The name of an award is explained by the English word ignoble what means shameful unworthy . This award is awarded for the most ridiculous and ridiculous scientific researches and opening. Ignobelevsky awards are handed on 10 nominations so, unlike the Nobel Prize, any of disciplines is not offended by an inattention. Deliveries of awards are carried out since 1991. The ceremony takes place in " theater; Sanders in Harvard. A large number of the real Nobel laureates comes to it, some of them are owners of both awards.

Annual delivery of the Ignobelevsky award takes place in a look something average between scientific conference and the dramatized action. The key moments of scientific works are illustrated by the experiments put directly on the stage and various special effects. Winners say traditional Ignobelevsky speech . But this speech is strictly regulated on time - it has to last no more than 60 seconds. Observance of this rule is monitored by specially appointed person - the eight-year-old girl Sviti Pu (in Russian it means something it seems Girls there is Konfetochki ) dressed in atlasno - a lacy dress. If someone from speakers detains attention of public longer than the put time, Sviti Pu begins to poor-mouth whimsically: Stop! It is boring for me! . Which - which of speakers tried to bribe Sviti Pu lollipop or a dollar piece of paper. Bribes the little capricious child with gratitude accepts, however does not cease to peep.

So who and for what it was conferred the Ignobelevsky award? In former years the award was got by scientists for works on creation coffee luak . It is the most expensive coffee in the world from " firm; John Martinyes and To which is made of the grains which passed through a digestive tract of the Indonesian luak, or a palm marten. Also the scientist who created a formula of calculation of a surface of leather of an elephant received this award. The engineer who designed the washing machine for cats and dogs became the Ignobelevsky prize-winner. Two British from university of Newcastle managed to measure electric activity of a brain of a locust at the moment when insects looked through fragments Star wars . For it they got the Ignobelevsky award too.

We will in more detail stop at some opening and inventions which received the Ignobelevsky award in recent years. In 2003 the award in biology was got by the employee of the Rotterdam Museum of the nature of Pussycats Myoliker who the first described a case of a homosexual necrophilia at a kryakva. When it rose by a tribune, the audience consisting practically of only one scientists met him by an amicable kryakanye. Myoliker explained that his discovery was made incidentally. Once the drake hit against a facade of the Museum in which Myoliker works, and died. Here other drake flied and in the face of the scientist made that, as became a subject of the scientific article.

The same year the award on medicine was awarded to Englishwoman Eleanor Maguire and her colleagues. They proved the fact that the London taxi drivers have brains. Actually, scientists also did not doubt that taxi drivers have brains available, most of all interested them, as well developed ability to orientation in the city " is reflected in a structure of a gippokamp;. It turned out that brains at taxi drivers it is even better, than at pedestrians. Eleanor reported that after this opening taxi drivers began to carry her at half price.

In 2004 the award in biology was got by International research team which representatives of Great Britain, Canada, Denmark and Sweden, for the research " entered; As herring communicate with the help of a pukanye . Fishes swallow air, rising to a surface, store it in a swimming bubble and from time to time let out bubbles from back pass. Authors of the project claim that the puskaniye of bubbles is a certain signal or an appeal which fishes use in the dark when they cannot see the friend to the friend. On an award ceremony the sound record " was listened; a communicative puskaniye of bubbles from back pass . The hall listened to record with respectful silence.

The same year the award on engineering developments was got by American Donald Smith and his late father Frank Smith for opening of an original way of a zaches of hair on a bald head. The family Smitov of a zaches patented the way in 1977. But Donald Smith did not manage to tell to the hall of how by means of a hairbrush it is possible to hide a bald head, - Sviti Pu interrupted it at the most interesting moment.

In 2005 the award was got by the American who designed a special alarm clock which constantly calls and runs away from the owner, forcing it to wake up. I think that this invention not it useless.

Last year the award in biology was got by the ornithologist Eiwan Schwab, the American. Together with the colleague he conducted research on the subject Why the woodpecker is not hurt by the head? . The woodpecker strikes with a beak a tree 12 thousand times a day. Why it does not have a concussion? It turned out that at a woodpecker very strong skull which bones have a spongy structure. Also it became clear that an instant before the blow the eyeball of a woodpecker is closed not only a century, but also a membrane which protects an eye from scattering shchepochek and works as the seat belt which is not allowing eyes of a woodpecker to take off from the head.

Also the award was received by three scientists who established why all are irritated by the scratch arising at a tsarapaniye blackboard nails. It became clear that the frequency of this sound causes strong discomfort in the person. Two French scientists got an award on physics for the fact that they established why dry macaroni in attempt to bend them breaks more than on two parts.

The other day there took place delivery Ignobelya for this year. Scientists of the Pentagon got a world award for development sex - bombs . It is not that sex - a bomb which the blonde, with suntan and with the fifth size of a bust, and that which actually blows up. At the same time emits the chemical forcing soldiers of the opponent to make homosexual actions.

British B. Witcomb and D. Meyer got an award on medicine for research of consequences which are rendered on health by a proglatyvaniye of a cold weapon.

On physics scientists got an award from the USA and Chile. They could prove scientifically the reason of emergence of folds on clothes. This year the award was handed for a plate in which soup never reaches a limit. For hamsters who were given preparations for increase in a potentiality, and, probably, therefore they adapted to the new time zone after flight twice quicker. For a vanilla fragrance which can be received from cow manure.

All works of scientists which deserved the Ignobelevsky award are published in solid scientific publications, it is one of indispensable conditions of award Ignobelya .

In Russia the Ignobelevsky award playfully nicknamed Shnobelevska. It is necessary to tell that Russians here not especially caused a stir. In 1992 the Ignobelevsky award was got by the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yury Struchkov. In 2002 Gazprom divided Ignobel on economy with the " companies; Enron Merrill Lynch Uorldk " Copier; and Arthur Andersen for adaptation of mathematical concept of imaginary numbers for use in the world of business . Let`s hope that in receiving the Ignobelevsky award, however, as well as Nobel, we still will achieve great success.