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Whether it is simpler to invite the master at once?

are good to be self-assured and to have enough practical abilities that to perceive everyday problems as fascinating problems for sharp-witted.

Own housing is a space of freedom as if purposely created for self-realization. If, of course, there is a habit to make the efforts and just in case to increase the competence of everything.

Till some time I without any doubts at leakages of cranes went not to dispatching office to catch the plumber, and in shop behind suitable keys. In an hour - another and it`s done without any hassle, and experience is added. I hear from all directions that it is necessary to address professionals, and I perceive it as the next ideological perversion. You say that you want, and I like to live the own way.

But once...

After several moving got at last constant housing. It was happy that at last it is possible to be connected to the Internet. The pleasure is immense, but phone knocks: works, is not present.

I will move conductings - begins to work. Two moved weeks, then decided that it is time to do something. Began to change telephone sockets, cords and so forth, and it still works, is not present. My patience gradually comes to naught. Sockets and external wires already out of suspicions, and I assume that at repair a wire somewhere under a peredavila plinth. Means, it is necessary to tear off a plinth and a wire to change.

Whether it is necessary to tell what means on 18 meters to place to 3 floors furniture on several people? And now this furniture should be removed on perimeter. Case, beds, racks. And the furniture gathered me, and all on snivels. Shifted from the place began to collapse. Everything that could fall, fell. And bulky and heavy me always pulled things to put where - nibud under a ceiling, and at motions they sometimes collapsed. Feelings are approximately same as if to dive headfirst on the small place.

This day the first-aid kit was in unusual demand, but bruises and cones was much less, than irrevocably died values. Took out the whole box of favourite crocks. And here the plinth is torn off, the wire is laid, the plinth is attached, phone works, but the furniture into place does not become in any way. Well, does not climb, and all here. Racks had to be sorted and collected anew, one did not get, and on centimeters leaves that where it stood, it could not stand in any way.

Silently rustling with slate,

Goes a roof slowly.

One more dismantling and assembly of furniture. Slightly differently, that was located. But places of connections were carried, from - for what the bulk of a case began to develop as a house of cards. Without knowing about it yet, turned to it a back, and suddenly... Nothing, managed, as you can see.

Which - as coped with this disgrace, the long-awaited order was established, it is terrible to remember confusion with furniture. And here phone ceased to work again. The message comes that we have an underpay of 18 rubles. Disconnected, so from - for it. I wait for the working day, I give up all affairs, I defend the long turns in cash desk and at a window of a telephone exchange, I pay beforehand that it did not repeat, and all - every other day phone ceases to work again.

Everything, I cannot so more, I will simplify: I remove all telephone sockets and I conduct a wire directly to the modem. Phone begins to call without interruption. Now, so it broke. All right, I will buy new.

Some more days without communication. New too all the time rings. I ask all familiar Internet surfers that they think about it. A lot of things to me were explained. For example, what in a network has to be 30B, and in practice there is and 120B, and all 220B. Talked about it to the USA, to Germany, to Vladivostok and Zhytomyr, and Muscovites told what should be looked on the place. Also began to come to look, for the 100-th time rearranging all conductings in sockets and again connecting directly. At first I was derided, and then made a helpless gesture. Fuss with wires took about 25 hours guests. It is what is the time lost by me personally, it is impossible to count. Still it is necessary to imagine my horror when all ideas of electrical equipment and elementary logic cease to work.

At last someone suggests ingenious idea in the simplicity to invite the master from a telephone exchange. He came and explained that we have a coupled phone. There call - here is silent.

Mute scene.

And here special such round piece for the coupled phones came back to the place, everything fell into place. But neighbors, seemingly, decided to punish. Therefore again sat at deafly silent phone, but knew the reason and the furniture did not move any more.

There passed several years. Came it is time to make repair in the house. I look at how builders with new materials and technologies are played, and there is a strong wish pouprazhnyat in something similar the handles and gray sections. But I remember the falling case and I decide that it is better to look, perhaps, for adventures in hikes, and during my absence let professionals will suit a transformation miracle in the house. As - nibud I will get used to live without blissful feeling that everything is made my hands around, and there is no such skill in which I would not reach perfection, having paid attention and time.