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What is the strategic planning? Part 1: Algorithm of growth of business.

Give me knowledge and knowledge that I was able to leave before these people and to enter... (Tsar Solomon)

the Great and wise tsar Solomon did not ask wealth and glory for himself personally. He asked from God of wisdom to operate the country. It appears, it is a little simple to successful leader to have business and to operate people, it is necessary to be able competently and wisely to do it.

The head of any level first of all needs to know where it goes what purpose of its enterprise. Here also development of the skillful strategic plan is required. Why it is necessary? The effective plan for achievement of the purpose very much reminds a good road map.

So, the strategic plan takes you and transfers from that position on which you are now, to that position in which you want to appear. Having a road map of the business, it will be easier for you to be guided in the direction of travel, and, if something happens, it is easy to make necessary changes to the plan.

We will look at a curve of growth of any business. You do not judge strictly for quality of illustrations. My desire was to demonstrate to you the offered material.

Rapid growth. the Curve is very similar

to a snake. The letter A in drawing speaks to us about growth of the organization. If you attentively look at this curve, then will see that in a certain point it reaches the maximum, and then begins to decrease gradually. This point of a maximum - is peak of growth of the organization. You see that further this curve decreases.

This decrease is presented by a point In in which affairs of the organization decline. Here it, algorithm of the movement in any organization: growth goes in high gear (a point And), reaches the peak, then there comes recession (a point In). The thinking leader has to not only to know about it, but in advance to expect and begin changes, recession did not begin yet. In other words, the head has to begin changes in a point And.

Period of changes.

If you look at the second drawing, then will see that between points And yes In there is a certain shaded area. It is the period of changes and instability. People at this moment often can misunderstand actions of the leader.

The head does not need to be afraid of any manifestations of discontent, indignation and grumbling in team. Changes are not something easy and not something convenient. People will be cried that to them changes are hated. But the real leaders always look forward, having learned to turn it to themselves on advantage.

Blossoming through chaos.

I here that represents the third drawing. As these changes are inconvenient and are not pleasant to people, wise leaders have to prepare the team for the chaos period at early stages of process of long-term planning. They should be informed constantly on what occurs with an advancing - even prior to implementation of any plan.

You share plans with the team and support people in the period of instability. If you want that your organization constantly grew, then you have to bring changes there in order that constantly this curve moved up.

From - for rapid growth in the organization the leader should assess constantly a situation, to plan and carry out healthy changes. So, if you have a strategic plan, then you will know in what point you are in the business. And as you will follow this plan, you will be able to bring constantly and in time there certain changes.

In the second part we will talk about how effectively to plan the business.