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Why we love not those who loves us today?

Were time when men wanted, and women allowed or did not allow, men offered, and women agreed or refused. The active party lived in hopes and rivalry, passive - intense expectation and fears that the rejected tolerable option will not repeat the offer, and the best will not be. If the supply and demand though how many - nibud coincided, then there was an eternal union where most often the woman was offered to restrain arrogance and to expect that love comes with habit . The decision was made once and for all, the arisen couple became isolated in the family world and those who else should make the love choice, did not confuse with the presence. But how many was passions when two men at the same time directed to one beauty! A love triangle, a favourite subject of the world literature, the strongest experience in a set of destinies.

Now not that. There was couple - and is fine, and let. Will stay together and will run up. For now they bother each other, it is possible to increase the appeal and not importunate attention to strengthen interest in itself.

Bright and dangerous rivalry - what for?! What did not leave at once, it will turn out then, it is only necessary to wait the moment, to want much and to believe in itself. Some student`s group is only the number of elections increasing over time because constancy is temporary, and the new girlfriend is an access to a circle of her girlfriends, the new friend is a break in communities of his friends. Everyone who wants more than costs, has chance to receive tomorrow more, than has today.

So, the existing couples it is possible as couple not to consider, eat only different value guys and girls, at everyone the height, and everyone looks out to himself for the partner higher. Most often on a step next from above because local gods and goddesses look in any way not down too, and or as equals, or on surpassing, living somewhere outside group. Then that the poorish fellow of N something waits from more - less decent girl M, and interests her though something costing L, and is in turn molded by L to quite attractive To, but also To has an eye on someone much better, than To. And so on.

Where love triangles? They would be if standing a step above spoke strict is not present but nobody not the fool to offend listening from below, support and support. Unless in case of excessive activity it would be necessary to put them on the place. But what for the sake of someone will risk from below if liked to lose not terribly: both the choice is big, and it is a lot of time, nobody takes away the only thing - forever.

We live in love zigzags: we love the best, are loved the worst. The reciprocity has not enough, reliability and that has less. In 30 years we think of the same about what in 25, 20 and 15 because and in maturity we cannot solve a problem of youth. We are engaged in career because it increases appeal and the circle of acquaintances expands, about the house which - as we care, it is necessary to invite friends somewhere, and here kids to get and be given them to education - it is silly, at any time the partner will bolt behind the better lot. Besides, the more you will support and you will help, endowing yourself, rather he will make it, in a prize taking and with new resources leaving sharply up, ruthlessly breaking off attachments. Such is our time, cheerful for impudent, zigzags darting about behind the good luck, and terrible for ingenuous.