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For what we need calcium and where to take it?

Dear mothers and fathers! Whether such picture is familiar to you: your dear child was tired and is capricious? The child in kindergarten or school quickly gets tired, it is difficult for it to fulfill all requirements of tutors, teachers. It often comes home tired and pale, with circles under eyes and does not want to go to a garden or school again. The child has a small appetite, he often has catarrhal diseases whether an allergy etc.

are Known by you, dear parents that deficiency of vitamins and macrocells leads to starvation of cages at your child, especially suffer brain sections. The growing organism is especially susceptible to loadings - physical (the whole day in kindergarten or school) and intellectual (large volume of new material, is a lot of unfamiliar information from the most different spheres of knowledge). From here the general fatigue, weakness, unwillingness of your child to attend kindergarten, school (and often and impossibility to go there from - for constant colds and other diseases).

The children`s organism is more subject to influence of environment and various diseases. The inevitable consequence of it is lag from peers in development, nervous overexcitation and overfatigue. Thus, the growing organism of your child especially needs healthy nutrition, in particular - the sufficient use of vitamins, minerals, micro - and macrocells which take active part in all vital functions of a children`s organism. The lack even of one vitamin constitutes danger. Besides, your child quite often complains that he is hurt by legs. It is a sign of an acute shortage of calcium.

For what we need calcium? It appears, we live at the expense of calcium. Calcium takes the fifth place after four main macrocells: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. He is called the king of macrocells. Why? The matter is that in a human body the amount of the ionized calcium normal makes 1,5 - 2% of the body weight of the person that there is a lot of in comparison with other minerals. The need for calcium at children till 5 years makes 800 mg a day, teenagers have 1000 - 1200 mg.

Functions of calcium in an organism the following: basic (bones, teeth, nails, hair); nervously - muscular (calcium is included into a cage - it is reduced, leaves - relaxes, our heart so works, all our bodies so work); calcium - one of factors of coagulability of blood, but the most important - it is necessary for cell nutrition. Calcium is practically the cement fastening all human body. Only 1% of calcium is in blood and soft fabrics, and 99% are stored in bones. And the organism very strictly watches that in blood we always had 1% of calcium. And if we do not receive necessary amount of calcium with food, then, to fill up a calcium reserve in blood, the organism takes it from bones. And the lack of calcium of bones conducts to osteoporosis - fragility, fragility of a bone tissue which is called still plague of 21 centuries.

Deficiency of calcium is especially dangerous to the developing children`s organism. Therefore regular intake of this chemical element in an organism in the required quantities is necessary. But, to fill daily need of an organism for calcium, it is necessary to drink 1 liter of pair milk which contains 1400 mg of calcium. And pasteurized and the more so sterilized milk of which cheese and cottage cheese is made it is necessary to drink already in 10 times more - 10 l that is unreal. Modern citizens receive only 1/3 from daily requirement of calcium. Therefore deficiency of calcium can be considered as the universal phenomenon, and need of application of kaltsiysoderzhashchy preparations does not raise doubts. Medical researches show that application of preparations of calcium in addition to the main diet, significantly reduces risk of a disease of osteoporosis.

Dear parents! The choice of a preparation of calcium for your child are entirely your choice. There is a lot of Kaltsiysoderzhashchy preparations, as well as in drugstores, and at different firms - producers. And, nearly each producer claims that their calcium the best. Therefore everyone can choose a calcium preparation to the taste and the available means. But I would like to share with you the following information: today scientists of the whole world try to solve a problem of digestion of calcium. The essence of this problem is that calcium, getting to a human body with food or in structure vitaminno - mineral additives, are practically not acquired. He or is brought from an organism, or postponed in the form of salts. Why?

Because, in - the first, the normal metabolism of calcium is possible in the presence of magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins A, S, D, E, B and other elements. In - the second, practically all calcium made in the world is in a molecular form (in the form of calcium salts: gluconate, glycerophosphate etc.) . And the molecule by the size cannot get to a cage, only the ion can get into a cage. But the ion of calcium is very unstable, getting to our organism with food, in a small intestine it turns into a molecule which should be split in addition. The vicious circle turns out.

What it is necessary to make that calcium was acquired? Producers of bioadditives claim that the problem is solved by them and it is necessary to accept such preparations of calcium in which the ion of calcium is stabilized, it increases its comprehensibility to 95%. The high percent of assimilation is provided also that such production contains both other important and useful substances: phosphorus, large amount of vitamins, minerals etc. To solve a hard problem of the choice, it is the best of all for you to consult with the children`s doctor.

Besides, at the choice of a preparation of calcium it is necessary to consider the following factors: 1) producer which guarantees reliable quality; 2) digestion of calcium an organism (preference - easily usvoyaemy supercrushed to calcium in an ionic form); 3) rationally picked up compounding (with the additional content of vitamins and minerals as the organism needs very many minerals).

You want that your child grew and developed healthy? Application of kaltsiysoderzhashchy preparations for children will give to an organism of your child all energy necessary for it for development and growth, will provide normal development of a skeleton, will increase immunity, will improve memory and normalizes a dream. There is in Russia of more vital issue today, than no health of our children and their worthy life! Dear parents, help your child to be healthy and it is correct to develop!