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What means this laughter? Smekhoanaliz.

We are absolutely sure of what for the last weeks to you was over what (or - whom) to laugh. Holidays especially dispose to good-natured and impetuous fun even if without special occasion.

Is unconditional, the laughter sincere, warm, natural can only be the best. And, both for laughing, and for those who watch them.

Still F. M. Dostoyevsky noticed that true nature of the person is distinguished on his laughter. At this moment something surely breaks, hidden at heart the person. Considering the indisputable fact that people laugh to this day, too it makes sense to join to us secrets and secrets of human laughter. Today we will characterize four types of human laughter.

Here, for example, we will present that you - object of a scientific observation - cover a mouth with a hand when you laugh. Well that, the friend, it demonstrates that you are a little shy and not too sure of yourself. Often you are confused, preferring to remain in the shadow and, as they say, not to reveal . Perhaps, lines of supersensitivity and vulnerability are inherent in you. The main recommendation for you is as follows: do not go too far in self-criticism and introspection!

And here what it is possible to tell about you if you often laugh, showering the head? Most likely, you are trustful and credulous, besides, at you generous nature. Sometimes you make unexpected acts, povinuyas only to the feelings. And therefore - rely on the reason more.

We will assume the most unimaginable. You, laughing, you prefer to touch by a little finger of the lips. Apparently, at you, found you ours, own ideas of a good form and true grace are had. And you firmly follow them always and everywhere because you like to be in the center of general close attention. Reflect: whether in everything you are absolutely right, be more samoironichna. It to you will not damage.

Well and in the end ask yourself such intimate question. Whether you wrinkle a nose when you laugh? If yes, that can be told the following here. Your feelings and views quickly change. You - very emotional and, perhaps, the whimsical person. Easily you give in to minute mood that creates certain difficulties both for you and for people around. Try to remember it, do not create to yourself and others additional troubles. And people to you will stretch.

Ahead a wonderful national holiday - Old New Year. Its name is already many years a laughing matter. Having a good time, do not miss an opportunity to learn more about those who surround you. We hope that you should not be disappointed in them. We wish to have fun with all the heart!