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How bring up girls in Japan? And what they as a result become?

an education Problem in Japan become more and more actual today. Over time you understand what the dogmas which settled for centuries do modern Japanese by women, unadapted to life. They try to change system from within, but nothing is impossible to them so far.

Since the earliest childhood education of girls is based on bans, infinite humiliation, coercion and suppression of the personality. They are convinced that in life there is nothing good that they do not deserve love that life gives nothing but only takes away. And the debt is that it is necessary to endow himself for the sake of others even if it does not bring you happiness. Just your relatives should not redden for you, and this is important.

Here that is written concerning education of the Japanese girls by the famous Belgian writer Amelie Notomb in the book Fear and awe . I quote it only because more precisely and more correctly in other words not to transfer an essence of this education:

Since the earliest childhood in the Japanese kill everything that in her is the best. All day long to it drum the major vital truth: If by twenty five years you do not marry, then will disgrace yourself if you laugh, not to become you the refined woman if your person expresses any feelings, so you are vulgar if you admit that at you one hair on a body grows at least, you are obscene if the young man kisses you on a cheek in public, so you the whore if you eat with pleasure, then you are a pig if you sleep with pleasure, then you are a cow And even if you leave in a toilet to facilitate the bladder, you have to watch that nobody heard murmur of your streamlet, and for the sake of it is forced to lower endlessly water .

the Japanese women have only duties. And main of them - to be faultless in everything. It is only necessary to touch hardly food even if you are hungry. And the main debt - to marry till 25 years, to give birth to children and to be silent. And they avoid pleasures of the body that not to sweat. There is nothing more shameful, than sweat which at them is a vulgarity sign.

And every time when though something is not pleasant to the little Japanese girl, she hears the remarkable phrase: If you do not like to live so, you have exit. You have a right to finish themselves . And as if these words not ominously sounded, in Japan suicide is considered very honourable act. And if you kill yourself, relatives will only be proud of you and will allocate you in a family crypt the place of honor.

But not everything is so bad. Once in life of Japanese there comes also the light period. Aged from 18 till 25 years there come the most free years of life. At this time they try to construct career, to save up money, but there are in Japan no women successful, famous for the whole world - it is not necessary. And if in 25 you is not married yet, then to endure this shame with advantage, you should replace the dresses with a suit, white tights and shoes - court shoes without heel and to make worthy a hairdress, having cut off the magnificent hair to you such life awful seems to

? No, Japanese not the victims, at them just like that it is accepted, they do not know other life. But meet also such which revolt. And correctly do, I consider.

Example of it revolt the only daughter of the Japanese emperor princess Sayako who in November, 2005 at the age of 36 years cast in the lot with the forty-year-old municipal employee serves. After a wedding the princess lost the title and became the commoner, having moved from the palace to the usual house though as given all - received to a chutbolsha of one million US dollars. I will honestly tell, all Japan cried.

And as the princess Masako who long time could not give birth to the child to the darling and that is important, to the loving husband suffered... And when she gave birth to the girl, again all Japan cried because under the current law only the successor on the man`s line can occupy a throne. And only the spouse of the second son of the emperor could fulfill the duty to the homeland in the incomplete forty years, having given birth to the boy.

And the special respect causes in me 20 - the summer ballerina of Moree who in 2007 became title holder Miss Universe 2007 .

It should be noted that the traditional educational system gets softer outlines over time, and will sometime lose the relevance. In any case, there is a strong wish to trust in it. Communicating with Japanese who leave the country, work in Russia, marry here, I admire their courage, knowing what they had to pass through to overcome cruel foundations of the country. I even met those which consider themselves happy. Let all women will be happy. Any is worthy to live life with a smile in heart and pleasure in soul.