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How to make a successful trip?

to satisfy thirst of travel and to derive from it pleasure maximum, presently (except a certain sum of money) are necessary very little. Namely - to follow seven simple rules.

The rule first - it is necessary to travel only with light baggage.

What means with light baggage? In - the first - with a light heart. In - the second, not burdened things and bad presentiments. Whenever possible, it is better to know where and as for a long time you go, but is not obligatory at all - say, so it is even more interesting. It is important to imagine at least it in general. You can get all necessary things on the place where they actually will be necessary. You should not forget that people live practically everywhere, and two persons can always speak, despite of language and cultural barriers if to want that. Somehow we helped the Frenchman - to the traveler to reach Sheremetyevo - in time, and, from the wood. In Russian, except two pleasant strong expressions, did not know the word. Were explained generally by gestures, drawings and exclamations. From things (except clothes on him) it had only documents, plane tickets, money, a notebook, a sincere smile and a towel. By the way, it is also the obligatory list of things for travel. Without a thing the rest it is possible to manage (there is an opinion that without towel any normal traveler in general does not start on the journey - the most necessary thing on travel). You can take with yourself still something: sofa, suitcase, sac, picture, basket, piece of cardboard and little doggie but the there are less things - the fate more pleasure from all events is more smiling.

the Rule second - not to be a tourist.

the Tourist it something gregarious, superficial, with money and for a while. So you will also be perceived by representatives of local population and to belong respectively. Generally, to be a tourist - it is comfortable, safe, formal and it is not bad, but you will not see the real places. You will see only what to you will be shown. You will not get acquainted with real life. And still you will begin a milch cow of local value to earn additionally for fans. How not to become the tourist? You do not go packs. You do not carry the camera or a video camera on a neck. Communicate with local population as though just arrived, have already breakfast and, perhaps, you will remain to live here. Study local customs and history, and then sights. Strike up acquaintances - communicate. Learn, than actually live and as people breathe here. Find to yourself the conductor - the volunteer. And, at last, the most important - be natural and be afraid of nothing.

The rule third - not to be conducted.

As travelers are people casual and in transit which - who aims to swindle them, to rob, peel and profit. From it not only the mood spoils, but there is a perverse relation to all population and the country of residence. You keep around and on a look only that sum of money which you can leave without regrets. It is desirable to check documents and values. Be attentive. If to you something is offered - means, first of all, it is necessary not for you, but them. Never give alms - especially in India. If you all - parted and heated - smile to quickness of businessmen and be not sorry about money, sometimes experience is much more useful. You remember phone of the embassy in this country by heart. It will be sometimes necessary to pretend to be someone near, especially with representatives of local government. It is important that you declared at once who you are and that you - Russo - the tourist - shape - morals ! To release you and to drop business for insignificant offenses it it will become simpler if they accept you for strange, but, generally, the good person. And what, it is impossible? And at us here everywhere it is possible, we did not know that at you it is possible " not everywhere;. For now they think that with you to do - sing something compassionate and national, it is desirable chorus - as " option; Black raven or The Song of barge haulers on the night parking, on the bank of the river of Volga .

The rule fourth - change, exchange and updated.

In culture of all people the tradition is to exchange gifts. It is very good tradition. It originates in those ancient times when all people spoke one language, lived long and happily, without wars. For this purpose she also exists - helps to find a common language and to adjust the peace friendly relations. You always have to have something that it is possible to present or leave as a gift, a sign. Besides is a small knot for memory of you. The countries and people will become closer to you - forever, and about you there will be very good impression.

The rule fifth - to take piece for.

Yes, to take, but not to buy in the souvenir shop. It can be anything, but not getting under the article of the local criminal code. For example, delivery under a beer glass in the fallen in love bar. But it is the best of all - the gift which appeared at you it is not casual. This subject can become your mascot and the traveller`s charm - rolled into one.

The rule sixth - to take with itself, to bring and leave. Take

with yourself something small-sized, but powerful. You chose this subject, it overcame together with you all distances and will remain there where you so aspired. To the purpose of your travel. In it there is a deep mental meaning or just good tradition - to solve to you. For example, one my familiar every time when goes to the Atlantic Ocean, takes with itself several pebbles from the coast Moscow - the rivers, and having arrived, first of all hurries to the ocean and throws them into water. Says that at this moment everything rises on the places .

The rule seventh - return back is travel too.

Come back as if again you go to travel. With light baggage, with a light heart and following the basic rules which only seven. So there is less probability to get stuck between here and there, and more chances to remain in the present where always well at least because we are.

The world is huge, various and incredibly beautiful - I wish you to see it in the present.