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How to spend days off? Walk on horses.

Living in the town, always you reflect, than to be engaged during week-end, even in spite of the fact that you live in the resort town. Over time everything becomes boring - and shopping on shops, and a sit-round gathering in cafe with friends, and foot walks outdoors. And there is no wish to stay at home especially.

One fine day the offer to ride with friends horses arrived. I them it is mad as it seemed to me, was afraid, but the company everything is decided to support. Especially, to remain one in the city well did not please at all.

So, eight people gathered us, organized to us a minibus that to the place to reach. On stud reached only hour. Poured out on the place, to us brought horses, and all somehow are rumpled, afraid. Put us in turn on horses, explained as as that the first ten minutes they did not porasshibatsya, they gave three attendants and wished good luck.

At first it was thought that all our adventure will end with circular round of quite big glade. But not here - that was. After a glade climbing the mountain on a narrow track began. We who are not able to operate horses were long pushed and went in a heap. Then, having a little understood as to what, broke in a chain. And the most desperate left forward.

All our walk lasted two and a half hours. We rose in such beauty about which existence I did not even suspect. And it only in an hour of driving from the city. Emotions it was received for the week ahead. And memoirs for the rest of life.

Physically it was heavier to take out this walk. At me, office city worker, a hand began to shiver in an hour, even minutes through twenty I was under threat to take off from a saddle and when removed from a horse, I in general fell as legs did not obey.

After driving understood several things:

1. Not to panic.

2. Horse it is impossible to be afraid, and it is necessary to trust in her. It a being reasonable, to people got used. Will not allow to get onto not rolled horse. Besides, most likely, she goes on a familiar track and itself knows where to turn.

3. Before walk it is necessary to pick up the optimum length of stirrups, otherwise will be not only it is inconvenient, but also it is dangerous.

4. During walk it is the best of all to listen attentively to attendants, not to be afraid to set silly questions and to say that something not so.

5. During the movement of a horse that from her not to fall, it is necessary to squeeze strongly knees, to extend legs a little forward, not strongly to push a foot in a stirrup, to hold a back directly, hands to hold a saddle and not to let out a bridle.

6. The clothes have to be convenient. In slaps and a skirt to sit on a horse and to operate her quite inconveniently. If the leg below a knee is open, there is an option to rub to itself sores if it is wrong to keep a leg in a stirrup.

7. Next day to rise it will turn out from the first not at all. But, to return legs to norm, it is necessary to go more, the tone of muscles will be restored and pain will pass quicker. The more you sit in place, the it is heavier to rise each time.

So if you do not know, than all - to be engaged during week-end, find in what you yet never in life were engaged. Ask at acquaintances and at work where they left, than unusual were engaged. And then your days off will become the wonderful memoirs lightening mood and giving good mood. And also will open the new horizons of knowledge, and new - it is always interesting.