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What shreder are capable of, or you are ready to make confetti of documents?

In this article I suggest to pay attention to the inhabitant of the majority of modern offices, and for quite some time now and sets of apartments - Schroder, or the exterminator of documents. Behind adaptation similar to a hybrid of a recycle bin with the meat grinder, recommendations of many experts in the field of information security, the American patents and more than century history disappear. Schroder`s edges saw such amount of secrets and secrets that any journalist or the scientist - the historian can envy them.

In a broad sense Schroder name not only the exterminator of documents, but also any device of a similar method of action - so, there are shreder for wood sawdust, for garbage or for the food remains. But in traditional understanding this term was assigned to security guards of office and state secrets - grinders of papers.

The first inventor the mechanical device for transformation of documents into an unreadable heap of paper American Abbott Avgustus Lo who took out the patent on August 31, 1909 is considered . However the option offered them did not become a subject of industrial production. Shreder gained distribution already during World War II - it is considered that the impetus to it was given by need of destruction by activists of liberation movement of anti-fascist promotion at exposure threat.

Today exterminators of documents became a part of the life of the corporate world. For example, not so long ago judicial proceedings taking place with Enron company let know that each document which did not pass through Schroder can be considered sunk into the river of history. Some documents catching managers of the guilty firm were incorrectly put in the device and for this reason could be restored by accusers. Destruction of papers concerns not only the world of business - in 2004 had to undergo procedure of cutting thousands of documents capable to cause a loss to image of the United Nations - including to documents according to the " program; Oil in exchange for the food .

As well as any technical device, exterminators of documents are exposed to of classification . The simplest Schroder is the cutting document on long strips of paper and consisting from in parallel the located rotating edges. Such device is characterized not only by low cost of production, but also a possibility of recovery of initial documents. To turn a heap of paper strips back into the compromising document apply not only manual search of such unusual mosaic, but also computer technologies - the last allow to return life to the text much quicker. More difficult shreder consist of the edges located at right angle and turn paper into confetti of various size - restoration of such product appears less simple invention. The devices turning the document into the tiny circles, squares, granules sifting a product of the activity through similarity of a sieve or even the chemical compounds using in work doing hope for recovery of information fruitless are used.

The German institute of standardization allocates to six levels of reliability Schroder. The first, most unpretentious level, will provide transformation of the document into strips 12 millimeters wide. It is recommended to use to commercial information at least devices of the fourth level of safety - they give pieces of 2 by 15 mm in size at the exit. The sixth level guarantees transformation of paper into particles with dimensions of 0,8 by 4 mm. The department of safety of the USA established the standard in 0,8 by 11,1 mm.

Let all your secret will never become obvious.