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Lokholtron and deception! (Magic purses!)

Brought piso - deception!

Kind to you time of day!!! My name is Sergey!!!! I will tell at once though

this information and got to you in the form of spam, but it is not advertizing next

of a financial pyramid and t of. It will be a question absolutely of another.

I want to tell: how to deceive flimflammers. How to earn money with

the help of Yandex - Money, without making special efforts. We deceive an impudent


U me two questions are:

1. How impudent flimflammers deceive people for the sum in the amount of 50 to

of 150 dollars, and some for even large sums?

2. How to deceive flimflammers and to earn most?

I found article in a network somewhere approximately of such contents: there is in

system a magic purse, and everything that you will send to it will return to you to

the doubled size (well there still different cock-and-bull stories: type we these grandmas will turn

for an hour at the exchange, we will get profit on trade in currency (the market of Foreks) and t

d)!!! Any sum is from 20 rub and above! You will send 20 rub receive 40 rub, you will send

of 40 rub receive 80 rub etc. Of course, it is clear to all, a scam, but if poryt is deeper than


Ya did not believe, but for the test sent 20 rub. In about 1 hour checked the

purse and found account replenishment for 40 rub! I was surprised. Sent then still

of 20 rub, the same again. Then sent 45 rub, to me 90 rub came. Having grown bolder

finally sent everything that I had, about 400 rub. What was farther,

I think, you already understood. Nobody sent any 800 rub to me and mine 400

disappeared forever too. It is clear as they work. They on the server have

a cunning applet which accepts the sums from 20 rub and approximately to 100 rub

(showered with it 200 rub and they were taken away, and 95 threw the program returned

of 190 rub). Here will also earn thousands! Generally, it I that if to be

accurate and to send, the small sum (they accept any sums, but not

is less than 20 rub), then it is always possible to receive twice more. They have

a special program which looks who how many the translations made also on

what sum to define when it is necessary to kidanut. The sum up to 100

of rubles they never take away the translations. Only if you send it more than 2 times

in a row from one purse. That is, having sent 30 rub you anyway receive

60 since the sum small and they will wait so far you will send more (we will tell 500

or 600 rub) . If accurately it is possible to send them the small sums that their

to deceive. They do not look at the translations any more, for them it the special software (program) does

that simplifies probability of their deception. I now

earn from it about 28000 rub (it is possible to do more, but it is better not for

to be greedy). These are not millions, but it more - less stable income. I pay

the Internet, other trifles and is enough for life. Money on these purses tens of

(and maybe hundreds) thousands, and me very much irritate as they throw people, on

it should ruin them.

Here and number of purses Web - Money:

1). R548464864236

2). R675021635134

3). R454562901116

Council: If at the first stage you have no money at all, then can transfer

the amount of 30 - 45 rub until you are shaken. Attention! I repeat! you should not raise a rate

since if a rate that the program them takes away higher than 100 rub, even do not try

! !! And still, WHEN do not send two identical sums two

of a time in a row (we will allow if you sent 40 rubles, then send to the following payment

or 35 or 45, at least 39, but only not 40) you probably cannot understand

why I about it told you and I risk the subjects

that the feeding trough can be settled. I will answer you, I am afraid to take so much money,

if there will be a lot of us, then everyone can sleep peacefully and enjoy

stable to money and if I am one, then I will be quickly found. And I will earn not

and flimflammers will remain with money.