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For what thought up distance learning?

It is no secret that now any educated person has to have considerable knowledge base. And very important constantly to update this baggage, otherwise not to keep up to us with a prompt tide of life. And to lag behind it - means to be noncompetitive in labor market, to miss an opportunity to get a desirable job. Distance learning will help to solve this and many other problems. Let`s understand in more detail what is it.

Remote education does not demand from the trained presence at audience, you are trained in convenient time in every spot on the globe. It is remotely possible to graduate from higher education institution, to learn a foreign language, to improve skills. And this big advantage to those who cannot permanently study from - for diseases, specifics of work, impossibility to move to other city.

Each student is attached to the teacher who controls training, advises and helps to prepare for examinations. Important and the fact that it is possible most to choose the interesting objects, speed and sequence of their studying. Unless it would not be convenient to complete the whole course for a semester? Or, on the contrary, to stretch it for two years if there is no place to hurry? Some sections it is possible to pass or come back to them again.

One more plus - such education is cheaper usual because the teacher can give lessons, being anywhere. And the special computer equipment at the same time is not necessary. Besides, all use the same, freshest textbooks, it is much easier to update them by means of the Internet. However, absolutely free of charge it is almost impossible to gain precious knowledge as to the training party some monetary costs of it anyway will be involved.

On what remote education is based? by

In distance learning apply the most different techniques; very important role is played by the Internet. Direct access to multimedia - to resources will turn your computer into the universal encyclopedia. The Internet - books is a huge archive of lectures, evident data and other information. The student can contact at any time the teacher, participate in the Internet - conference, carrying out a virtual round table, lecture or even laboratory work.

Several methods of remote education are used. For example, not interactive training (printing materials, audio - and videotapes). There is still a computer training with application of electronic textbooks and e-mail. Not the most effective, but rather cheap and widespread way of knowledge acquisition. Videoconferences will cost dearer, but also advantage of them will be more. And what of these methods will be the best for you, solve.

We go to the university, without leaving the house

people began to be trained at the beginning of the XX century at home. Since then worldwide various universities, schools, courses, libraries were for this purpose created. A specific place among them is held by national open universities. The education system in them is constructed on the principles of openness. That is, has the right to arrive there each person who reached 18 - summer age, and it is possible to make it at all seasons of the year. As you can see, everything is quite simple and democratic. So it is possible to enter the university at any time now, there would be a desire.

Such higher education institutions are widespread around the world. The British open university, the Canadian open university, National technological university to the USA, open training Agency in Australia and others have the best reputation. Also Ukraine can brag of a similar institution. It is International financially - economic institute in the city of Kharkiv. Very soon on its quality of education it will be possible to put in one row with foreign fellows.

We broaden horizons

In absentia get higher education not only. Distance learning of personnel is used for professional development and retraining of workers. Recently this tendency gains steam. Thus you deepen the knowledge, without leaving office, so, save precious time. And the administration at the same time will be enough.

Still many centers offer useful courses which will always be useful in everyday life. Their list begins with learning of foreign languages and programming, and comes to an end with fast reading development, supermemory development, psychological trainings and dress-making courses.

To study or not to study?

Of course, would be is silly to be claimed that systems of remote education are faultless and have no minuses. Sometimes they concede to traditional training. Bad teachers, shortage of training materials can be Vina to it. It is necessary to remember that the student everything is it is deprived of real-life communication with the teacher and we depend on quality of work of mail, phone or the Internet. Some are stopped by high cost of educational audio - and video records. And, nevertheless, advantages it is available. So if there is a desire or need to become remote the student, do not doubt. Further your knowledge will be surely appreciated and will bring a lot of benefit.