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How to prolong summer?

the Fall came, and, unfortunately, to change we it not in forces. Someone with pleasure returned for a school school desk or for the faded monitor at stuffy office. Someone is excited by an opportunity to roll about in golden autumn foliage or to drink a cup of hot chocolate in a cozy chair, nablyudya as on glass rain drops persistently knock.

But if you are not ready for autumn romanticism at all and you say goodbye to summer to tears in the eyes, slowly revising photos from travel and following to the grave - that is in a far corner of a case - summer clothes, this material for you. Do not hurry to be depressed - the summer can be prolonged!

4 simplest and public ways bring to your attention.

1. Aromatherapy. to

It is proved that smells influence our health, but you should not self-medicate (you know that it is only so possible to do much harm). It is enough to surround of itself with summer smells.

You remember how you met dawn, sipping small drafts svezhesvarenny coffee with cinnamon? And how skin of darling who just got out of the sea excitingly smells and collapsed on hot sand near you enough? And aroma of big and silly peonies at the nice old woman in the suburban bus which on each hummock jumped to you directly in a face? And smell of the first cheesecake? And fire, shish kebabs, baked potato and heart to heart talks?

Return these smells, and the summer will return together with them. Put a big water-melon on a table, take a bath with fragrant sea salt, apply on a wrist a little of a flower perfume. And during the first September weekend gather with friends for the nature.

It is also possible to lighten mood, having added on a droplet of essential oils of a lemon, orange, a bergamot or black pepper to candles: it is simple and effective.

2. Tsvetoterapiya.

It is known that dark colors drive us in melancholy. And in the fall just all dress nonspottable black jackets and gray raincoats and pull gloomy physiognomies. Be original! Surround yourself with bright things, whether it be a red handbag, a lime cover on a sofa in a drawing room or lilac stickers with reminders on the monitor.

It is possible to approach a question more considerably: to paint a ceiling in a bedroom color of a rising sun or to dye a hair! You never dreamed of red ringlets? A cloth with tulips, an orange cover for i - Pod`a, new multi-colored toothbrushes and bright prompts on the computer and the mobile phone too quite will be suitable.

3. Communication - therapy .

Usually happens so that at the beginning of vacation or holiday we plan many cases among which - to see those with whom did not communicate for a long time. And in the last days we heave a deep sigh: there now, again were not in time.

Only it is not necessary to postpone a meeting for the next year, it was in plans of it summer! Call, send the SMS or e - mail, agree to meet directly tonight and carry out it as you also wanted that: sit in cafe, take a walk in park or quiet small streets or discuss a possibility of joint shopping or fishing at the weekend.

4. The Junk - therapy .

If can carry a New Year tree on a garbage can in our country on March 7, then why you seek to clean summer stuff lovely to heart already on August 31?

Leave the Vietnamese at an entrance door brought from the cockleshell South - on a shelf in a bathroom, sunglasses - near a mirror, and summer rubber - on wheels of the car. You still will manage to stuff everything on mezzanines for now let traces of the most solar and careless season are before eyes.

And if you tried all ways, and the melancholy did not recede, be not upset. Remember that the fall at us gold, and gold, as we know, is appreciated.