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How to find stability?

Stability. As it is necessary to all of us and as it is not enough. Without stability it is very difficult presently. Both the currency, and banks, and world giants of the modern industry needs it. What to tell about the person who has a great lot of problems and he is subject to influence of huge number of external factors. Stability is necessary in all spheres of human activity. In study, at work, in sport not to do without it.

The unstable person carries out Sisyphean task. Lifted a stone - it rolls down back. Examples from life set. Surprised the teacher with the brilliant answer with well prepared additional material, received perfectly, relaxed - next day - reap the fruits. What leaves? Anything good. It is an example of the unstable pupil.

Certainly, it is impossible to receive the same assessment day by day, to show the same result on a racetrack or in the pool. And what for? Then there would be no reason of our existence just. Life would not represent any interest. The person has to aspire to new all the time or hold old. But, you see, this curve of local progress and failures would look more preferable with a smaller amplitude. Probably, here, many will not agree with me. I believe that in creativity stability disturbs rather. Because great artists / poets / musicians live in the poor that they were visited once by the splash intended for a fulfillment fine. But it more likely an exception which confirms the rule. I suggest everything - to find stability at least in small degree. As to be stable? Let`s try to learn.

First step. Set the object. you have to want something to reach

. Without it is in any way. Stability will be means for your purpose.

Step of the second. Choose a level. Try not to deviate by

from it. The main thing - is correct to calculate forces. If you put too high, then can break. You do not underestimate yourself!

Step the third. Distribution of forces.

In any business for achievement of the purpose needs to distribute forces correctly. As the runner on a big distance, calculate everything in advance as your rivals will arrive.

Still some useful tips:

- Control the nerves. React to all events adequately, do not draw hasty conclusions and do not make meaningless decisions.

- Load yourself physically. Not only moral energy is necessary for the stable person. You will be tired and possess less bigger working capacity.

- To expect the worst - to hope for the best! Observing this council, you will be ready to everything and do not fail, and at the same time you will remain the optimist.

- Count only on yourself.

- Believe in yourself!

Stability gives to the person responsibility, reliability, self-confidence and tomorrow! Being stable, the person will be a good friend. Stability - the key to success.

I want to wish to you to be stable in all spheres of your life!