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What is Butterfly Effect ?

After an exit in 2004 of the movie Butterfly Effect in consciousness of the majority this beautiful name strongly grew together with events dashingly of the twirled popular thriller . And could be and differently if directors of Bress and Gruber left the working name which was immeasurably more prosy - " for hire; Theory of chaos (agree, absolutely noncommercial name).

But we will leave to film fans cine passions and we will be transferred to far 1963 when the meteorologist Edward Lorentz shook the scientific world by the statement for existence of a unique phenomenon which scientific, actually, and called Butterfly Effect . Lorentz`s opening no more, no less disproved idea of people that both life, and all processes in the world are subordinated to tough laws, and of the reason accurately correspond to consequences .

So, being engaged in computer modeling of weather, the unruly meteorologist created the simplest model of forecasting of weather on all globe which first worked rather precisely. The creator of model of forecasting sincerely believed that laws of the movement form for its calculations base to mathematical orderliness. Who will understand the law - will understand the Universe! - Lorentz, the fan of computer modeling of weather thought.

Lorentz hoped that his model will give steady algorithms and not less steady results. But in actual fact, despite accurate basic data, its child generated, against all rules, accumulative deviations and errors - the such ordered chaos. The scientist suddenly realized that his model can predict absolutely accurately only one: it is impossible to predict something - !

Why? Yes because in accurate system there are always errors which are considered to be insignificant. But of insignificance also give these , eventually, to unpredictable turns and global mistakes .

Speaking scientifically, the end result strongly depends on basic data and conditions. As in the English rhyme in Marshak`s translation:

Was not nailing - the horseshoe was gone,

was not horseshoes - the horse limped,

the Horse limped - the commander is killed,

the Cavalry is broken, the army runs,

the Enemy enters the city, without sparing prisoners,

Because that in a smithy was not nailing .

As the true meteorologist, Lorentz assumed that the wave of a wing of a butterfly where - nibud in Singapore can become easily the reason of emergence of a powerful tornado in Northern Carolina. Sounds fantastically, but the scientist was near from truth if that is possible.

Fans of a fantasy remember the remarkable story of Ray Bradbury Also burst a thunder... about travel in time. The plot is simple and ingenious: the dinosaurs hunter went to the past, broke a route and crushed a butterfly that led to irreversible consequences - the chain of errors led to what voters in the USA chose in presidents instead of the democrat - the fascist. There is an assumption that under the influence of this story the unruly meteorologist called the opening Butterfly Effect (Butterfly Effect) .

Still scientists regard Lorentz`s opening as the most powerful evidence of dialectic symbiosis: the world is absolutely unpredictable in the regularities and in their consequences.

Not therefore whether we so appreciate stability in a family and in relationship, fidelity to the word that these values give us feeling of stability and definiteness in such unstable and uncertain world?

It is necessary to wish: do not come on butterflies ladies and gentlemen! Let the destiny store you from rash words and acts, and, respectively, and from their global consequences.