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What I remember Mischa Hergiani, or Dance with the rock of

If during eternal snow forever you

Lay down - over you as over close,


the strongest obelisk in the world " Will bend;.

Once in the fall of 1968 the uncle took me, the boy of six years old to look at training of rock-climbers in the Tbilisi botanical garden.

And then I, sitting in exclusively elite place, in bed boxes that is on an uncle`s neck, saw a tremendous show.

No, it was impossible to call it rock-climbing. It was dance on the rock! Or with the rock! Oh, as filigree, catlike, one of them especially moved. Honestly - as if danced, dexterously rising up the rock. Only by one finger it was hooked for ledges which did not notice others.

- And who is he? - I asked.

- Which? - shchurya the eyes watering on the sun, the uncle looked at me.

- Wons that which on the rock dances.

- And you was pleasant? - the uncle was delighted. - He is the Tiger of rocks!

- And why the Tiger?

- In newspapers wrote that for the ability with improbable speed to pass difficult rocky routes it got the nickname " from the English climbers; Tiger of rocks .

- And who is he actually?

- Mischa Hergiani!

- the Truth? And I too Mischa! - I was delighted.

- Yes, you are namesakes! - the uncle laughed. - And still say that if it is hooked only by one finger for a naked ledge of the rock, the whole week will hang over an abyss and will not publish groan...

Then I watched many fragments from movies about Hergiani`s rock-climbing, but that first time when I in reality saw it on the rock in the Tbilisi botanical garden, forever was engraved to me in the memory. Shaken by what was seen, came back home and since then I cannot forget about it in any way. What I felt then can be compared only to that moment when I for the first time saw Nina Ananiashvili whose performances are called ballet dance, but I am sure - she does not dance, and flies on a scene as birds over mountains fly.

I then very much was proud of the fact that we with it, with this surprising climber were namesakes, and so fell in love with it as I loved only the native uncle.

When on the TV declared Mishy Hergiani`s death, in 1969, I secretly got on a roof that the family did not notice, and is bitter, inconsolably cried.

Then I began to hate these damned Italian Alps - my Mischa Hergiani broke from Sualto`s wall, that is did not break, and departed. And in the same Alps my Faure Mossoulishvili when he started up to himself a bullet in a temple looked at Monte`s top - a rose, from - for what fascists did not shoot fourteen guerrillas.

My God as much I thought what was felt by Mischa Hergiani when falling and that Faure Mossoulishvili before inevitable death thought...

I had to learn about it in 1987, at the end of August. Then I worked as the geologist - the spiderman at Greater Caucasus Range, in the gorge of the river Aragvi where the edge by the name of Pshavi is located. During descent from one anonymous mountain I broke from the rock too and flew about twenty meters, - I remember distinctly that I managed to turn over three times in air.

That rock was not absolutely steep therefore, falling, I hit several times against its ledges. And when finished falling, almost at once fainted, but before managed to be surprised to shine of the numerous ascended mountain suns, and even managed to call the friend who ran to me together with these sun - and all this means that I too in own way danced with that rock.

My malekhonky rock on the anonymous mountain in Pshavi cannot be compared to seven hundred-meter Sualto in any way - top of the sixth category of complexity where my Mischa Hergiani with dancing passed five hundred meters up, did not break yet, but I nevertheless learned what is felt by the person when falling.

Ah, My God, that it was - I flew in pink space, and I was sorry that I am more, for certain, I will not manage to write though something... And then nothing, passed...

I continued the flight in anywhere. I was not afraid, I did not suffer, and nothing hurt me. I saw everything at the same time. Everything that happened to me in operating time the geologist; when studied at university; even earlier, when went to school; and the childhood flew when I did not want, but I was all the same conducted in kindergarten - to put it briefly, I gradually became a child and remembered all feelings of that time and thoughts...

And I lived off my uncle in a botanical garden and watched - oh as filigree, catlike, one of them especially moved. Honestly - as if danced, dexterously rising up the rock. Only one finger clung to ledges which did not notice others.

All past life passed before my eyes, or I passed it before my life... And further - the pink space ended, and I arrived in unusually blue sky. I breathed with relief.

Somewhere time, from - for whom was gone, it appears, I suffered so much. Time which divided in space present Georgia from ancient Sumer, an ordinary cow from a dinosaur, the Caucasus Mountains from Himalaya and so on. Time was followed also by space - where there is no time, there should not be also a space.

And therefore at first it was very pleasant to me, and then suddenly there was a wish to escape from there, or to regain consciousness that all this was only only a dream. And from - for the horizon to me the white cloud moved, and I was sure that it is live. The cloud floated, directly on me floated, and I could not escape where any more - nibud far away.

Then I heard a surprising voice to which, appear, I all the life submitted. And this voice did not accept me, and I understood that it is necessary to return.

I returned to the blue sky, entered pink space - and again gradually began to mature, I was driven in kindergarten again, I studied at school, then at university where I began to write stories, rejoiced that I can write a lot, and worked as the geologist, did not break from the rock yet... .

I quoted a passage from my story which wrote in seven years after falling and called To me the rock was test . Re-reading it, I felt all the time that there something is missing. Now I know...

From now on this story is devoted To the Tiger of rocks to Mikhail Vissarionovich Hergiani.

And the fact that I at six-year age was not mistaken in this ingenious climber goes on also a commemorative medal with Mikhail Hergiani`s inscription: I loved you, people .