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To whom to put a monument during lifetime? (Theater of deaf, blind and mute persons - a fantasy!)

A few days ago I stayed at the TV more than an hour - without coming off, watched transmission about theater unique in own way. Theater in which deaf, blind and mute actors and actresses play. (On the website there is a video with fragments of performances).

Someone from them was born with visual impairments, hearing and a voice. Someone lost hearing or sight as a result of an illness (unfortunately, I did not remember all details).

The director of this theater of Adin Tal - the professional, the native of Switzerland. Its invariable satellite in the last several years - Eran Gur. To the first performance of this theater at which it looked Eran was the businessman prospering in security business. Eran was so struck by what was seen that he sold the business and became Adina`s colleague: I understood that from this point my place here! .

As tells Adin when it came to theater, she had to create at first feeling of time for actors - they at any moment of days had a night! How? Contacts! Only after long and persistent trainings (them even rehearsals it is impossible to call!) actors began to feel each other.

One of the performances put by this theater was born from unrealized desires of each of actors. In the fragment shown on TV, the gentleman treats the lady at restaurant. At expensive restaurant, the beautiful lady. A banal plot, but when you see that the unseeing, not hearing, nonspeaking people play!!!

The theater was on tours in the different cities of the USA, made on the Broadway the notice. The audience after performances welcomed actors standing!

To Adin invited in special school at which people with similar defects were trained: to give a demonstration lesson. This educational institution - for all schools the school, at it is a world fame. Adin very interestingly tells that she about it thought: What will I tell them? What will I show them? What can I teach them to? It the person with big sense of humour: at the very beginning of the display of Adin told that in life dealt only with one deaf - with own husband who hears only what wants ( Here he, sits here! ) - and suddenly, it is unexpected for itself, undertook this project.

The lesson passed with participation of actors of theater, they participated in display of director`s receptions. Show!!! Teachers for whom the master - a class was carried out put on special bandages eyes not to see that they worked only taktilno. With what diligence actors worked! As they played the role of remarkable people!

The theater could not work in general and furthermore to go on tour if in its structure there were no translators. On each actor - the translator! Work - 24 hours a day!

The translator tells what tension she tested: It was knocked about a doorway, and it would be better for me if I was knocked! . Whims of actors, star fever - everything as in usual theater, - led to the fact that one of translators reached almost a hysterics.

And in general, after twelve days of tours crisis began - translators were on the verge of a nervous breakdown! Before departure they worked, as usual (8 hours), and they were simply not ready to such mode. And it should be overcome. And all this should be sustained. Also it was necessary to return with triumph to Israel!

After that there were tours in Switzerland - with the notice, then still USA tour.

In the movie actors speak in a chamber: We have to become stars, and we will become them!

Since the events shown in the movie there passed two years. The theater received the room in old Yaffo, in port.

the Movie comes to an end with shots in which the troupe is brought into the building where the theater will be located. And Eran shows to deaf, blind and mute persons: there will be an auditorium, here - the foyer, here - make-up rooms, here - two cafes And they watch his hands as though they see all this! (Cafe not absolutely usual: in them the waiters speaking a sign language will work)

I was lucky to get acquainted and to talk to Eran Gur a little.

When we arrived - without call, without invitation - he was busy with one of sponsors and showed the movie which passed a day before it on TV.

Eran is very charming person. I asked it several questions: how Adin became the director of this project as the structure of troupe was defined (by what criteria). Eran answered that is not given today any information. He promised to tell everything after a premiere in new theater (by the way, I for the first time was presented to lives as the Russian journalist). Call me in October, we will agree about a meeting .

He talked to me, though did not give answers to my questions, and he does not want to meet the Israeli journalists at all: So we solved! Tomorrow there will arrive the Fife Topaz, but I will not be here - I will address in other place, deaf, blind and mute persons . (A fife Topaz - one of the very best popular TV hosts in Israel).

These two people - Adin and to Eran - can put a monument during lifetime for what they already made.

But as Eran told, made is only part of the big program. We wait for a premiere!