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How to make so that it will be pleasant to any girl?

for this purpose it is necessary to know all subtleties of girls, and all categories of girls.

is A little about categories:

of Categories exists much. It is possible to call only one row love men not on love, and for money. If it is possible to list all from this row still pages 12. I will not make the table I just will call most, dangerous: Those which marries enough, senior men and which possess perspective career. Those which are ready to make everything for the sake of money, even to plan murder of the husband.

Is girls modern, and is very similar to modern girls, only such category appeared long ago, is called - tusovy, but also there are dangers, though not considerable. Tusovye it from the word To Hang out or To be shuffled it means to be in the company and to often change them. Also is such under the category so to speak, they do not like to meet guys without authority, my friend often came up against such situations and all the same continued to be glued was not hit in a forehead yet. Well, other categories all positive. There are girls without category, the category and is called - Without category. They communicate with the person with whom it is pleasant to them, is more often which surpasses them in mind. Though can that actually she is cleverer than them. Very often girls who possess not bad mind and at the same time beautiful meet. But they very seldom can, find, common language without knowing the person. And if they know it, in the plan that he behaved with her girlfriend as the silly boy, then they just are afraid of such people. And in particular are afraid when go without the girlfriends, down the street. In general, in my opinion, such girls the best, to them very strange approach is necessary, we will talk about approaches on the following page.

Is still girls whose category is called foxes or fraternally, kidalova, they that do it use guys. Well, I think it everything it is known. They most often meet from age-mates or for a year or are two more senior. But marry nevertheless age-mates + - year.

Well and likely the really silliest category of girls it, laponk, or simply - crybabies. It when the girl in the childhood is very strongly indulged, execute all whims. But it not only concerns girls.