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Whether it is necessary to do plastic surgery?

How to learn whether it is worth making up the mind to a responsible step - plastic surgery - or to leave everything how is?

Plastic surgery by some people is perceived as overindulgence - insignificant surgical intervention, without risk, without bad consequences. Many believe that it is necessary only the priest - to stars, and the ordinary person has to have natural everything.

Actually, operation, plastic it there or not, is operation . Stay in hospital, pain, period of restoration of an organism And, besides, nobody cancelled probability of an unsuccessful outcome. Such operations can be lungs, can be difficult and proceed on 6 (and even more) hours. The only difference - plastic surgery is carried out absolutely voluntarily as is not vital.

Though it how to tell some really do operation that is called from overindulgence and there are people for whom it is extremely necessary. I speak about people with pronounced defect of appearance.

The plastic surgery includes cosmetic and recovery sections. The first are operations like correction of the bulged ears, giving to a nose of a beautiful form, etc. The second section - recovering of an initial condition of an organism from the postponed injuries, elimination of their consequences (for example, recovering of an integument from a burn).

To do or not to do operation - to solve only to you if, of course, you have no contraindications. Before operation it is necessary to hand over a lot of analyses, to pass a lot of doctors and to spend a heap of nerves. But then the result will justify the spent forces, money and time. Perhaps Or perhaps it will only become worse? Here of what it is necessary to think, leaving also an office of the doctor after the first consultation (it is possible to reflect earlier, but nevertheless it is better to descend, and that then all life you will reproach itself with spinelessness).

Due to the ugly appearance many have complexes and if elimination of defect helps to feel more surely, then why not to try? Let`s say why the child with the bulged ears has to suffer sneers? Whether it is simpler to perform operation? Especially as the otoplastika is possible from early age and will cost it for the child twice cheaper. Risk - a minimum.

If you want to clean excess fat, then think how the scar will look then as there will long take place restoration. Or perhaps everything is not so bad, and it is just necessary to play sports, operation will not stop obesity? Excess weight is not only defect of appearance, and a problem with health in general. Besides, there is a lot of stout persons whether so costs from - for it to be killed?

We will assume, you already solved for yourself that life is not lovely to you without new nose (ears, a figure, etc.) you already descended to the doctor on your first consultation, assured you that everything will be in chocolate and you will leave their building the prince charming (the charming princess).

For a start we will try to think of consequences: what probability of unsuccessful operation. Usually small, but everything happens. Further we estimate how many we will run to make tests how many we will be in hospital (if simple operation, then 1 - 2 day, the doctor on the first consultation has to tell you about it precisely). What rehabilitation period during which it will be necessary to stay at home, go only to bandagings whenever possible will be.

It will be fine if you are supported by the loved one - will see to hospital, will meet and will take home.

If you are ready for all this if you understand what to you will be cost by operation, but all the same want to make it, knowing well that the effect will pay back all spent resources - then forward! I am sure, after operation you will perfectly feel: not each person is capable to step through himself, to pass all difficulties and to reach the desirable.