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It is a pity for the water going at the dacha to sand?

Well and the soil at us at the dacha! The Zhyoltenky sand under a centimetric layer of the greyish sand which is slightly covered with poor vegetation. To fertilize - you do not naudobryatsya, to water - you do not napolivatsya. How to be?

The invention of this year - peschano - the polymeric soil. Povytyagivav from a sand one-and-a-half-meter escapes of a wheat grass (not as necessary, and exclusively just for the hell of it to vspushivat the earth, from it getting something), drowned in sand the thin plastic bags filled with rotten apples, potato cleanings, manure from all living beings living nearby, weeds and all forest organic chemistry. All this in packages is warmed, and to roots of the necessary plants planted here becomes warm and cozy. The southern mollycoddles grow by leaps and bounds. It seems that roots perfectly are guided in underground resources and all amicably direct there where there is an opening in the prepared organic delicacy. In packages it does not dry, and quietly to human measures spoils, for roots prepares. Whatever was in a package, the back of that plant to which its contents are pleasant will get into it, all other roots will pass by to look for something other. Thin packages - the T-shirts lying in the markets in packings on hundred pieces are easily tied by handles and easily perforated by roots of strong plants, and here the sprouts of weeds which are torn to the sun - no. Weeds, of course, will try to grow near cultural plants, but the usual outlaws it will not be, and the cultural plants encouraged by the owner to growth easily will muffle them.

If packages are put not closely, and between them there is at least a sand centimeter, then rain water will easily be absorbed to the earth, and here it will be difficult to evaporate it; roots will easily find a way to depth, and unnecessary sprouts will break through hardly. The soil warmed by organic chemistry, perhaps, will not be able to condense moisture from air. It only the assumption, it was not confirmed by any dryings. But just in case in some places between packages the made a hole bottles to which infusions of herbs were occasionally added were driven. On sense it almost the same, as a package of organic chemistry, only a moisture reserve filled up.

Packages of food for plants, between them, over and under them a sand lie in the earth. The reserve of moisture is, but all - is a pity that precious rain water leaves through sand. If there are time and forces, it is possible to dig out narrow trenches and to fill in their bottom with the clay talker. Clay as though tightens to itself water and in any case does not allow it to leave. And on a bottom it is possible to put cans bottoms down. Someone considers that the earth will be spoiled by it, it will become impossible to dig up it. And why to dig up? A stick to thrust, twist - here and a hole. In it to put seedling or to put the earth with the necessary seeds. And around it is possible to display new packages of organic chemistry, gradually increasing ridges. The type of a kitchen garden becomes unusual. But soon everything disappears under magnificent greens.

Having brought seedling, I do in packages of it punctures by a fork and I put on beds, propping up other packages of seedling or of organic chemistry of all types. Fine moles who throw out on a surface on half-buckets of the pure earth for time help, and it is necessary for falling asleep between packages. Otherwise roots between polyethylene layers will choke. And everything somehow all right turns out, one to one. Arrive on time both rains, and vegetable cleanings or children`s pampers and a filler for a cat`s tray. In total by the way, to all there is a place. Purity, silence, an order, harmony around and the mobile Internet in a lodge. Is not enough unless neighbors, nobody wants to build giving on a sand. And in vain.