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How to come to work after holiday?

Ended summer. How to begin to work after holiday, to enter smoothly working process and it is productive to use the saved-up forces? It is necessary to try to follow some rules which will facilitate to you change of vital rhythms.

In the first working days try not to load yourself with work. Begin with usual things which you standardly carry out at the beginning of the working day. Only then try to learn what new tasks arose during your absence at work that occurred. While you are not in a habitual operating mode yet, you have time to analyse your activity, to decide that it is necessary for you for further development in work that you wanted to learn in your specialty.

Plan for yourself what your personal development plan before the following holiday. Very often the working routine oppresses. I have so well and variously a rest, returned on a workplace, and there again same - very much often such motive sounds at those who began search new works after holiday. But they did not make the main thing - did not analyse why it became boring for them to carry out the standard working duties. On a new workplace from them, first of all, will wait for performance of the same duties which they well are able to carry out. Change of work after holiday - not panacea. As practice shows, rash change of work does not solve basic needs of the working person. After holiday at you a fine opportunity to look at the working activity on the other hand and to find new ways of the further professional development is given. Read articles by your profession, learn what new occurs, communicate to professionals at forums or on trainings on your specialty. You are full of strength and ready to changes at present, and the enthusiasm of other people will help you not only to cope with a postotpusny depression, but also to plan ways of further development.

Distribute working loading, draw up the plan of precedence of the affairs which collected for your holiday, solve problems one behind one. The plan of your actions will allow you to enter smoothly working process, there will be no feeling that all affairs fell down you at once.

Have whenever possible a rest more, try to perform the work during the working day, not to be late at work, at least in the first working days. Do not take work on the house, do not carry on working talk of the house, trying to solve still some working problems in the evening. Have fully a rest in the days off, try to keep the weakened condition of holiday these days.

Support the level of endorphins in the organism. Endorphins are responsible for conditions of happiness, cheerfulness of the person. Eat more fruit, walk more, whenever possible play sports. In particular it is recommended to eat bananas which contain natural antidepressant. It is also possible to indulge himself with chocolate.

Do not try to change cardinally something in life: in work or the personal sphere. In - the first, your organism got used to the weakened speed during holiday, in - the second global changes demand also physical and moral forces. Using all the potential, you will spend all the forces which just restored during rest, thereby will nullify all positive effect of holiday. If you decided to change something, begin with trifles.

Use the desire new in for the good. Remember, than you wanted to be engaged long ago, but all the time was not enough time, and, above all, desires. For example, long ago wanted to take dancing classes, during rest danced everything the whole nights, now your pleasant memories and aspiration will help to change something to you to grant your long desire. Occupations by dances will help you to cope with a post-holiday depression, will raise the level of endorphins in an organism, respectively, you will feel same happy and vigorous, as during holiday.

If you take the " method; changes on trifles on arms, over time it can become good postholiday tradition instead of a postholiday depression. Planning the next holiday, you can plan, than new you would like to be engaged after holiday in work or private life and to embody the conceived dreams with new forces. Thus, you will wait not only holidays, but also its terminations in an anticipation of the future changes, with pleasure to enter a working rhythm of the life.