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On September 1 day of pleasure and knowledge or memory and grief???

Well, here also come long-awaited Knowledge Day, I congratulate all on this holiday!!! Though to whom and joyful day to whom just the boredom for whom it is absolutely indifferent and for some is just black strip . Any horror, a bad dream which cannot be forgotten as if there was no wish for it. I this year only graduate from school, that is I go to the eleventh class . In the end of the year examinations, receipt and so on . It is my last Knowledge Day at school, at native school in which I literally lived the most part of the life!

From my introduction you, of course, will understand that I will write you from own life experience again. Quite so, because I consider it is necessary to write only about what you know! Otherwise you will not be able just to prove written and just before by itself it will be a shame . It will turn out that wrote about what also plainly you do not know, so, perhaps somewhere and deceived.

They say that the first in life visit of school, that is very first on September 1, you keep in mind. But for me it absolutely not so because I do not remember the beginning of the study at all. My memoirs begin in a class the third: I remember a game of tag and a hide-and-seek when were small, I remember how dug the diary in a school front garden as skipped lessons of music and drawing in a toilet and on a backyard. I remember fights in the neighboring yards, soccer in the field, I will never forget good teachers and bad too as threw in them pieces of paper at a lesson. I do not think that I will ever forget it and I do not think that this my time was spent in vain .

are Correctly told by people: you realize as you need it only when you lose or feel that you will lose soon! Just now I thought: And what I will do then? . Yes anything special: to work, before it having studied 4 - 5 more years at institute or university. Perhaps, I also wanted to leave all these years these walls in which there are a lot of people to me unpleasant, but right now I understood that together with all these unpleasant people I will lose also the friends . Perhaps, not everything, but many will go to other cities and, perhaps, I never will see them any more!

Here what mixed feelings now in soul of many pupils, in particular my peers because they want will return to school to friends and at the same time do not want to come back to these textbooks, lessons, school desks and so on . But as if it was, nevertheless the first of September forever will remain nevertheless more joyful, than in the sad afternoon, who else will show us such number of the boys and little girls who are taking a steam bath in such day in jackets and shirts, blouses and shoes!!!

But nevertheless is time to mention also a dark side of this holiday . Many of you, probably, already understood that I speak about Beslan now. Difficultly to speak about it and I will not find for it too much time, and not because I consider this subject unworthy listening, just because I do not want to speak about this incident, heavy for many. I consider myself unworthy to write on such subjects . Let about it more talented and skilled journalists and writers will write. However it is simple to

to forget about it too it is impossible, this tragedy not simply only for Beslan and it is even not simple only for Russia, it is a problem of all mankind! These are not just big words and my desire will be allocated, just now all people have to understand that the terrorism is not the country and not a nationality, it cannot be far from you and cannot but concern you. The terrorism is a public enemy for all countries at the moment, this is the enemy No. 1 in modern history . I consider it necessary to remind

in this article to you of it, in this history forever remained 331 persons which majority there were only children, innocent children who only came to celebrate one of the most important days - Knowledge Day!

Many thanks for attention and I would be glad to see your comments to this article!