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What is open (open-air) Eyre?

Sooner or later the teenager wants to descend on a disco.

Having gathered the company, children choose club and decide on what party to go: evening or night?

The majority always for night. Therefore, youth life begins with usual night discos.

There passes time, and again there is a wish for something new.

Bothers to go on the same clubs, to look at same di - Jay, to see the same bartender, to meet the same people. Time of megadiscos in the open air, so-called open (open-air) air comes. From the English open - opened, air - air.

Such discos came to Russia not so long ago (about 5 years ago). Every year festivals open are held by Eyre where compete di - Jay, arranging fights on several dance floors. Open aira are often carried out on the eve of any holidays, for example, of the City Day.

Than are good open aira in comparison with usual discos?

In - the first , it is dances in the open air, most often they are carried out near lakes, the seas, the rivers, or resort hotels or sanatoria, sometimes at the airports.

In - the second , it is at the same time several dance floors therefore there is opportunity in one night to dance in several styles at once. Quite often pass open aira where music of House and RnB plays. Sometimes it is possible to meet the closed dance floor, it is intended for the VIP - persons.

In - the third , on open aira it is possible not only to dance, but also to go to swim for a while if the disco in the fresh air passes near water. It is possible to walk on the wood, it is possible to choose an arbor, to lay a table and to celebrate someone`s birthday.

On open discos there take place festivals. For example, the " festival became one of the most mass open to Eyre; Copper lake . Since 2003 on it the huge number of people gathers, more than ten dance floors, couple of tens famous di are under construction - amuse Jay public the whole nights. In 2006 the festival took place in airfield Kasimovo in the Leningrad region. In 2007 - in Kronstadt, to this event there arrived more than 15 thousand people.

Dee - Jay is from three in the open air - five to several tens. So the charge is provided with positive music to visitors on all night long.

The only thing that does not please - a nonrigid face - control. That is, if you came on open Eyre sober and in a couple of hours got drunk, then you can even be forgotten in the wood, to leave to sleep where - nibud under a tree if in time security guards do not find or friends will not help to reach the bus. If you came already tipsy, then will not even pay attention as on platforms everything is on sale to it, beginning from usual beer and finishing with rum.

Open of an aira - alternative to usual discos, their closeness and narrowness. Open air is a new style of night life of youth.