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What work a press - services in a state institution and in business concern differs in?

of the Task which put a press - service in public institution and a press - service in commercial structure, significantly differ.

It is necessary to consider that the main task a press - services in a state institution - creation of positive image of establishment and the head in the context of positive image of the power.

The main task a press - services of commercial structure - creation of positive image of firm, as reliable partner, producer of qualitative goods, and services which it provides, in general, the best what the client can only dream of.

So, the press - services of a state institution enters duties, first of all, informing the public on an essence of the made decisions and formation of positive image of the power and officials. Press - the service also has to carry out the analysis of reaction of the public to actions of officials and authorities and to develop technological steps for neutralization of negative tendencies.

With commercial structure it is harder and harder. A press - the service of the company has to consider that information which it moves has to be designed not only for ordinary citizens, but also for partners and competitors of the company. Here the basic - a tax information on goods and services so that paid attention to it and became interested in it. Besides, a press - the service has to trace activity of partners and competitors in mass media in time to react to new trends and aggressive attacks towards the company. A press - the service also has to trace accurately in mass media of action of authorities concerning a field of activity of the company.

Besides, it is very frequent on a press - service of commercial structure obligations for development and realization of an advertizing campaign are assigned. These functions include not only placement of logos of the company on handles and cups (what the department of marketing has to be engaged), but also preparation and placement of image materials into mass media, the organization and carrying out departures of journalists to the fields and consideration of participation in cultural actions which take place in the city. It it is necessary to consider at selection of the candidate for the head a press - services - he has to think creatively.

But in both cases it is possible to carry to the general functions of management of public relations: analysis, forecasting, planning, stimulation and control. And the basic principles of work a press - services have to be: efficiency, continuity, legality, flexibility and constructibility.

Pay attention that not always information which gives a press - the service is interesting to journalists. In this case to a state institution it is simpler - the department politicians is practically in everyone mass media and therefore it will be simpler to publish information. Press - the service of commercial structure has to place emphasis on profile mass media and mass media in which there are sections on a profile of the company. Agree, it is not logical to give information on pampers in the political newspaper.

I want to pay special attention to responsibility which is born by a press - service. Sometimes unsuccessfully told word, the incorrect phrase or roughness concerning the journalist can cost to the company and its head very much. A press - the service has to weigh and check information before giving it to journalists. Also do not count that if you warn the journalist that you will tell something to him not for the press he will not write it. Be vigilant.

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