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The dream thirty years long of

the Most opposite in the war is a smell. War smells of human shit, the crushed louses and the mechanic`s vomit - the driver Hershel. He vomits the third hour directly on the workplace. Of course, can mix in the tank schnapps with kerosene everyone. But at the wrong time break of the Russian line of defense. Besides, Ivana so pressed a gun-fire, as not to lean out before dark.

At night the commander of a battalion will send children from a remvzvod, and other `Tiger` is better and our car with board number `545` will be pulled out from a funnel in which Hershel filled up it. Knew that without team it is impossible to reverse. Let`s come back home - I will look for other mechanic - the driver. And Hershel - under tribunal.

Each `Tiger` costs to a faterlyand one million a reykhsmarok. Sixty three tons which are quietly developing forty five kilometers on the highway and twenty on a cross-country terrain, seven hundred horsepowers, four carburetors, five hundred thirty liters of fuel tanks - and all this to give in a charge to the student - the half-educated person from Nyurberg.

The hero posed as everything. Heroes on this war perish the first. Heroes cannot be taken in crew. Let them in infantry in hand-to-hand fight with ivana. In the tank have to be at war quiet and judicious. Especially now, at the end of August 43 when Russians pressed ours 8 - yu army to Kharkiv. And me, the commander T - the VI Walter Horn, this fact very disturbs. When we entered Russia on the Czech pukalka 38 - t with 37 - mm the tool with two machine guns and when changed on T - IV with 75 - the mm a gun I enjoyed life and counted up days to a victory. And still I very much liked a black form and stories of the house during holiday about heroic feats of the German soldiers and about the coward ivana which are given in captivity at one type of our tanks.

Now in army there are both `Tigers` and `Panthers` and six-barreled jet mortars and we recede. However, down with doubts. I am a soldier and has to execute orders. Now the most important - to wait for darkness and not to admit Russians to the tank. Here and ours already seemed. Judging by number - the car of my friend Otto Steiner goes for help. He gets a tow and pulls out us from an ill-fated funnel. `Tigers` depart on safe distance. Otto opens the hatch of a commander tower, leans out on a belt and shouts:

- Walter, you did not see my points. I should pay bills for the apartment urgently. Also will be enough to sleep, soon to us Knobelsdorfy will come.

Ya I open eyes and I see Marta inclined over me.

- You dreams the same dream again, - she wearily asks, correcting a plaid.

- Yes, - I swing the head and again I fall asleep.

falls out Of `Tiger` crew and falls on the grass which turned yellow from a heat and ashes. I approach Hershel and I hit him a fist in the thin, zablevanny face. All turn away, pretending that nothing is noticed.

- Walter, if you do not get up, then you will receive guests in a bed. Knobelsdorfa already called. They will be any minute. You all - should address a psikhiator. This dream will finish you. It is necessary to manage thirty years to see one and too.

is Thirty years old, from them ten in Russia. Perm region, settlement of Rodimovka. Logging and froylen Liouba from the dining room. Three years of war, ten captivity, twenty years in the Bundeswehr. Life is lived. But now to us there are Knobelsdorfy. It is necessary to wake up.

Willie Knobelsdorf is a commander of our battalion. We believed in him, as in God, in the forty first, received from the Fuhrer`s hands a knightly cross with oak leaves.

- All you sleep. Everything you see Hershel. By the way, from where kerosene in the tank undertook. It was most strictly forbidden.

- In the war is a lot of that is forbidden. We filled with kerosene lamps for illumination of a blindage. When Hershel was shot under sentence of a military court, I took the new mechanic - the driver. It also ruined us. Hershel would never curtail into the wood.

The order on counterattack arrived late at night. We had to break 5 - yu Guards tank army and to defend Kharkiv. On August 22 exactly at midnight about one hundred Russian T - 34 through the corn field attacked our positions. The red Army aspired in what was began to seize the city. Russians did not expect counterattack. Our tanks became so very intimate that firing went from distances, hardly exceeding length of tools. Darkness was lit more and more by the burning cars. Wash Tiger the first rushed into fighting orders of Russians, rumpling anti-tank tools, ironing blindages and watering the infantry which is scattered on the parties from machine guns. It seemed, here - here and our battalion will escape on an operational scope. We broke through the line of defense, and here I made a mistake, having ordered to turn to the wood. Hershel would never execute such silly order. It had, despite of everything the special intuition inherent only in the done some fighting mechanics - drivers. Badly, of course, that a backing was not able to go.

I have to, had to turn to the right and move along the corn field. Who knows, than then that battle would end. For me Willie Knobelsdorf for certain would throw all cars of ours into break 503 tank battalions. But I was mistaken. `Tiger`, having roared the seven hundred in horsepowers, directed in the wood, in the trap prepared by Russians. When we in full operation fell down in the tank ditch disguised by branches I understood at once that everything is over. Thank God that managed to blow up the car. Ivana shot all crew. Everything, except me. They very needed the captured officer. And I was not shot. Was afraid at the last moment. Then camp, the settlement of Rodimovka and froylen Liouba who is feeding up me secretly from the. And thirty years dream one and too: I hit in Hershel`s face and our `Tiger` turning in the wood towards to the death.

Doctor Frank says that it is necessary to change scenery and everything will pass. That in vain I married after the Russian captivity Marta - the ex-girlfriend of Hershel. But it then was such lonely, such unfortunate.

- Yes, Walter. Much you did in this life of mistakes. Descend on a confession to the pastor, can will feel better.

- Russians disaccustomed me to God. So far Willie.

- So far Walter.

Deutschland, Deutschland Hubert alles - sang our battalion in Russia. In camp to me beat off kidneys for refusal to come to work.

- Marta, I am going to park on walk. You are with me? there is no

- Walter. My affairs. Frau Shlosser invited to knitting courses today. Also remember, there come children in the evening. Do not take in head to drink beer today.

Not to drink beer. What nonsense. What else to do in this remote small town. To drink beer and to walk in the park - everything that remained to me. I take three detours around the lake and I sit down on the shop. The route is known to the last pebble on paths. By school students run. What they know about war. Only what we lost? I left on the front is a little more senior than them. Police officers, what it is necessary to them? One, with an ugly face, thick from beer, obviously boleeyushchy for Kaiserslautern, bent over me.

- the order on approach Is received. It is necessary to break the Russian tank army and to reject Ivanov from Kharkiv. Everything is clear to you.

- Yes sir, mister colonel!

I here my `Tiger` in an impassable black haze comes to a fighting position. Up tens of rockets and one hundred Russian T rise - 34 through the corn field directed on us. Here it is minute of fame! Tomorrow - deserved holiday and, perhaps, a knightly cross.

Forward, and `Tigers` humming swept from the mountain on on 5 - yu Guards. Russians did not expect counterattack. Our tanks became so very intimate that firing went from distances, hardly exceeding length of tools. Darkness was lit more and more by the burning cars. Wash Tiger the first rushed into fighting orders of Russians, rumpling anti-tank tools, ironing blindages and watering the infantry which is scattered on the parties from machine guns. The tank crossed the line of defense, I order to go along the corn field and I escape on an operational scope. After me all power of our tank battalion went. Behind it in break directed 7 - I the tank and motor-infantry Viking divisions CC. The front of Russians is crumpled. We won. Tomorrow all Germany learns about our great victory. Tomorrow the Fuhrer...

Police officers approached a shop on which sat, having inclined the head, the old man in a boloniyevy raincoat and a wrinkled hat. - Look at

, Claus, - bent over it one of police officers. - In my opinion, it will not reach to the house any more. Claus took

a hand of the old man and felt pulse.

- Yes, seems, is ready. Ring management. As bothered me to bring together addicts and old men in this park.

At this moment the clang of caterpillars was heard. Police officers froze. Directly on paths of park, breaking bushes and trees on them `Tiger` with board number `545` moved.

is that. It, probably the film is shot, - Claus murmured, grabbing a holster.

`Tiger` humming slowly drove up to police officers and with a clang stopped. The cover of the hatch leaned back and from a commander tower the young tankman in a black, dusty form seemed. He dexterously got out of the car, approached the old man and took him by hand.

- Hershel forgives you and conveys thanks that he helped Marta. Now you are free.

the Old man smiled and the smile stiffened on his face.