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In what the secret of bell-ringing is concluded?

Many legends claim that church bells have soul, live and think...

In the presence of the Saint or if the crime is nearby committed, they call by itself. The strange rumble sometimes published by a bell when to it nobody touches, considered as a sure sign of the fact that still before the end of the week in arrival someone will die. Especially ominous it was considered if it was distributed during service when most of parishioners gathered, or during wedding. In the latter case it was a prediction of early death of the groom or bride. The usual wedding ringing, brings happiness. It was conceived to drive away evil spirits which especially become more active at important points of human life.

Production and the use of bells belongs to an extreme antiquity. Bells were known to Jews, Egyptians, Romans, Japanese, Chinese. Legends claim that Christian bells were born in the Italian province of Kampan (in Russia they long were called kampana) and were made St. Pavliny on similarity of the wild flowers which were to it in vision. These “ flowers “ began to hang up on roofs of temples and they called by itself, at whiff of a breeze.

With the advent of church bells in Europe there was also a ring manner in the ochapny, shaking bells which together with bells came to Russia and kept till 17th century, special, Russian, the ring in languages did not appear yet.

The Kiev bells a curious story about the Kiev bells Is known to

. Before approach of Russians in 1945 Germans took out more than one hundred bells from Prussia not to leave them to the opponent. Not to give what is sacred for Konigsberg - a bell means to keep spirit of the ancient city.

When during war the German squadrons bombed the cities of England, was noticed by many that bombs did not get to Oxford. Therefore in the “CC“ steel especially carefully to study magic properties of bells of the Oxford city cathedral which protected from aircraft.

In Konigsberg on the biggest tower of the Royal castle the bells which are taken out to World War I from Kiev were put. And, when in August, 1944 as a result of English - the American bombing the lock suffered which - who from “ CC “ began to accuse of “treachery“ of Konigsberg the bells of Kiev which allegedly did not execute functions of protection against aircraft as it was made by bells of Oxford. When three-day storm, a lock tower where the Kiev bells settled down, only of all burst on April 6, 1945, it was struck from the East.

If to believe that bells have magic of protection and have “soul“, then leaves, bells of Kiev caused fire on themselves.

Bell-ringing and modern science

A what is known to science of bells and bell-ringing? “ The Bell radiates a huge number of resonant ultrasonic radiation which spiritually and physically clears space, - the remarkable rossiystky scientist Photius Yakovlevich Shipunov who was one of heads of Institute of the biosphere of Academy of Sciences of the USSR said in the interview. - Within the biosphere there is a sound sphere created by the creator which the person for quite some time now transformed in a shumosfer, chaos. The sound is salutary for any living cell, and noise destroys it therefore in a shumosfer to the person not to survive. To strengthen the sound sphere and bell-ringing was created. Where it is, the symphony of the nature is felt. And life is supported at a maximum level " there;.

The interesting example of salutary influence of a sound is given in the interview by V. V. Kiryushin: “ I Got acquainted somehow with two old women who endured blockade in Leningrad. All inhabitants of the eight-story house died, and they survived. How? “ God rescued, - say. - All of us time prayed and listened to the Divine ring “. What for a ring? “ And we suspended two silver forks over a bed, - old women explain, - and when it became absolutely hungry, knocked on them and prayed “.

According to representatives of bioacoustics the matter is that each person has a skeleton which represents in a special way the adjusted antenna. And male skeleton “ sounds “ in a tonality “ c sharp “ and female - “ salt flat “. And if to adjust a bell in the same tonalities, then the person receives that he is called God`s grace. For it, power feed of soul people church also went. The same occurs when sings the church choir which is adjusted definitely. Moreover, there is a set of the certain sounds forming so-called dominants sept a chord. If on it to adjust a bell, then the sound begins to feed the person so that the need for food just disappears or it it is required very little. This “ old women - blockade survivors also ate acoustic food. Thanks to the antenna - a skeleton - the person catches energy, that which went to old women through a sound of silver. And even earlier it went through bell-ringing to our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers.

The curative force of bell-ringing

Besides all this, bell-ringing is also capable to destroy the painful environment in which viruses develop. For example, viruses of flu, jaundice, etc. perish, without having sustained bell therapy. It is easy to check all this experimentally. If to put Petri`s cups under six-octava bells, then during bell-ringing there will be a sterilization: squirrels will curl up in crystal structures and will become safe for the person. It is interesting that each type of a virus perishes only in the certain sound range.

And our ancestors knew many centuries ago against what concrete “ morovy craze “ and in what timbre a bell it is necessary “ to rivet “ until the infection recedes. In the 16th and 17th centuries with the advent of plague of a bell called or slowly and measuredly, or it is frequent also with a ringing. It became according to the instruction of doctors of that time - believed that the loud sound disperses the heavy, infected air which was considered as one of etiologies.

Scientists learned to recreate past sounds

at the time of sailing navigation the ship bell was considered as the embodiment of soul of the vessel. Seamen believed that he calls while the crashed ship sinks - even if tied him. Tell about often heard otherworldly bell sound which beats off four and eight bottles on a church cemetery near Lendz - Enda. The sound reaches from a tomb of the captain who refused to leave the sinking ship. It sank together with the ship exactly at midnight and at this moment beat off bottles on a ship bell.

Legends of the bell ringing reaching from - under waters in the cities which were flooded are known. Perhaps, in them it is more truth, than it seems.

Incredibly, but scientists managed to develop a technique of a reconstruction of sounds of the past. It was called a sound proskopiya.

So bell-ringing of Nicolo - the Ugreshsky monastery founded still by Dmitry Donskoy was restored by it what it was in H_H a century.

“ In principle it is possible to restore choral liturgical singing of any temple even if it is completely destroyed, - F. Ya. Shipunov claimed. - When using amplifiers it is heard that church service goes in each church, be it acting or any more there is no base also. Earlier it in the people was called “ church service of Angels “.

Thanks to a new method it was succeeded to make many interesting discoveries. For example, where Tamerlan was stopped, to Our Lady of Vladimir Churches there is a constant ring which is heard even without amplifiers. And in the Lyutikovy monastery, near Optina Pustyn where there is a farmyard now, by means of the amplifier multioctava bell-ringing is heard.

From where this surprising sound information arrives? Outside the physical world there is very difficult and for the present almost not studied vikhrevolnovy world. Probably, there information on activity of the person is also saved. And, seemingly, studying of this unknown world will surprise us still more than once …