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What is dangerous to the programmer?

Went smoked, then in the next bureau - communicated also to the aired brains again for good reason. And that to give a tone to itself - made coffee. In a stomach zaurchat - bought pie.

And results - again on the screen. Moreover what! So here dangerous? Work and rejoice. Let`s think.

Well, coffee not so took a sip, filled in the keyboard. So what? In repair you will carry, as a last resort, new will be allocated. Unless it is dangerous?

Radiation? But with each generation of equipment - it less. And the organism already adapted. Nobody forces to sit at work continuously too. It is necessary to you once an hour a break to do. Or to perekurivat leave, or in the next bureau to tell jokes. There the people should distract too. Sight sits down? Too it is fixable. Blink more often.

Noticed sometime - you come into unfamiliar department, and there at the computer the charming girl and it is frequent - often blinks. You think, it it from your emergence such became? No, she with the monitor contact looks for it. So where danger, eventually? And here present such scene...

... Morning. In an office of the chief the system programmer flies. Breath is uneven, eyes climb from orbits. Vasily Ivanovich! There was a failure on food at night! At the server the disk refused. And there half of our source texts! Vasily Ivanovich grabs at first heart, then a tube: Leonid Dmitriyevich! Our state of emergency! Terms should be displaced for three months! The substation is guilty!

Whether real scene? Perhaps and. But there should not be it. Any program which you write, any, even insignificant, information should be remembered periodically somewhere out of your computer. In a word - it is regular to make copies. In this case accident only slightly - slightly will slow down work, but will not break it.

The programmer without copy of the practices is similar to the climber who climbs on a steep wall without safety equipment. And than more he made, the above got, the simpler to him to break down. And to break is precisely.

REMEMBER! Any, even the most modern and reliable equipment can refuse at the most unexpected moment. It can, of course, and not occur, and you will not taste that unique feeling of loss which once I had to face.

Accident can take place and once in ten years. But, believe me, one this time for all ten years enough! And if not accident, then some misunderstanding. Well, removed incidentally your information! Well, did not want! Well what you will make now?

I will tell a case from practice.

. It was direct and very sociable nature. She was called Sveta. Once, having been late after a break, she entered the turbine hall and found the young chief behind the display.

- What, Lenya, you start testing? - Tenderly she asked. - No, you testing start it! - Rigidly Lenya answered.

She did not take offense, and right there switched to two electronics engineers who pottered with a huge rack of the EU 1020 not far, and cheerfully began to chirp with them. So cheerful

and cheerful it was when made copies of disks.

She did not forget to smile to Lena, starting process. Only what she forgot, so it - where the disk with the copy and where with the original is established. As a result the copy of monthly prescription without failures covered a disk with the last practices.

was the Next morning heavy for the chief Leni... I meanwhile, well rested and full of energy, returned from holiday and... bitterly regretted that very quickly I work. To me three months were necessary to catch anew what I quietly made in a month and safely forgot.

So, I proved need of copies. But a question - how many they need to be had and how often to do?

Personally I surely create the copy upon termination of the next stage (big it or small - it is unimportant) will not prevent to throw quickly at the end of each working day the information on other computer. And in this case morning for you will not be able to be terrible. As sometimes happens? Couple of questions according to the handed-over programs. Discontent of users, and here also the yesterday`s updates welled up...

Now - how many copies it is necessary to store? The more the better, but there is an old checked norm, almost absolutely reliable. There is enough that information was stored in three places: the original and two copies, but all this is obligatory on different carriers.

Why three, but not two? When copying two carriers interact among themselves: a disk with the original and a disk for the copy. You never know can with both happen to them as a result of failure on food? At this time in the reliable place there has to be the third carrier with information from which it will be possible to restore it if something happens.

So, three places for storage of our programs are quite enough. But! If suddenly something happens to one of these places, then it should be filled at once! The safety rope overstrained and can not sustain your weight! And the strangest - when is copies, no damage of information happens! It is enough to lose at least one of them - as on you all misfortunes lean at once.

One more case from practice.

It was on other place of work and on other equipment. But she too for some reason was called Sveta. She was an operator on CM4 and once a week made copies of disks on magnetic tapes. Those were carefully stored on racks, and in the magazine listing of process with date of creation was located.

Date with the copy of one of disks was very old, and I repeatedly asked Sveta it to update. And she smiled and promised... Once something happened to a disk. It ceased to be read. There was no Sveta`s a fault that the magnetic tape with which tried to restore a disk was faulty. On the contrary, having felt danger of a situation, she decided to keep all promises at once and quickly copied a zaporchenny disk on a tape with old date... As a result we lost information completely. Called the operator Sveta...

You sit in front of the computer, program. It is interesting. But not always you think of safety. Be not too lazy, copy acquired in a day. Yes, equipment now good, reliable. But you never know that! You waved away? You are skilled and wrote many programs? Especially, look upward and imagine the rock-climber without safety harness! Here it stumbled... Unclenched fingers of the left hand... Could not be kept also by right...