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What is a fliker?

I Open a morning paper, and headings are evident again: The pedestrian " Is hit; Seven years of life Night the price in life . From names it is visible that in materials it will be a question of the died pedestrians who could not be noticed on the road.

It is known that in September the action " is carried out; Children on the road (In Belarus precisely, about Russia I do not know). The essence of this action is in that each driver went with the included headlights. But headlights will designate only the car and what will designate the person? The answer is: reflecting fliker.

Flikera are small badges or stickers which can be placed on a backpack, a jacket, a hand or jeans, and also on footwear. They reflect light in the dark and help to see the pedestrian at night quicker. When driving with a passing beam distance at which it is possible to notice the pedestrian, equally in 25 - 30 meters and if the person has a fliker, then it increases to 130 - 140 meters. And the driver going by the car with the included driving beam can see a fliker from distance 400 meters.

Flikera are made of soft plastic and have a bright shade. They are in the form of smilies, toys, plates, badges, flat charms and stickers. Therefore they will be pleasant not only to small children, but also teenagers. Design of the majority of them - youth. Flikera fasten by means of a pin or a lace, and on skateboards or bicycles it is possible to fasten the twisted fliker.

Even more often on roads militiamen began to distribute free fliker - not only for the sake of advertizing, but, first of all, for the sake of safety and preservation of life. Use of a reflecting charm reduces risk of accident of running-down the pedestrian by 65 percent. Materials where it is said about how to someone the fliker saved life began to be published in newspapers. On the websites on the Internet reviews of reflecting things - only positive.

In the Belarusian city of Vitebsk of the student of technical college Natalya Grinavtseva and Anna Shustik sewed two collections of clothes with use of flikerny inserts. Now it is worth buying a new dress, and itself should not hang up a charm on a handbag. It is quite enough to put on a thing with reflecting plates and, without being afraid, to go for a walk on the night city.

According to experts, the most suitable place where it is worth hanging up a fliker is a breast and hips, but more often people prefer to attach a fliker on hands, the portfolios or handbags.

Fliker is, first of all, safety of your child on the road. Designate yourself and let`s see you to the driver, take care!