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What is the distance learning of

of Feature of distance learning. The documents issued after it.

Distance learning is a training with use of the remote educational technologies (RET). The order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of May 6, 2005 explains No. 137 About use of remote educational technologies: Under the PILLBOX the educational technologies realized generally with application of information and telecommunication technologies at mediated (at distance) or not completely mediated interaction of the trained and pedagogical worker are understood.

use Purpose the PILLBOX educational institutions is granting trained in a possibility of development of educational programs directly at the place of residence of the trained or its temporary stay (stay) .

In modern conditions the distance learning (DL) is usually carried out by means of the Internet. The teacher (tutor) conducts occupations in a virtual class which trained can visit when it is convenient to it. To get to a virtual class it is necessary to receive login and the password. Login and the password are given trained after its transfer for training.

Advantages of distance learning

Distance programs of training of specialists allow:

To complete a course on the job : without spending time and money for trips and without being prevented from the working.

An opportunity to be engaged in time, convenient for itself, in the convenient place.

At once to put the gained knowledge into practice in the organization.

In the course of training to get advice of teachers and to discuss all questions at a forum.

To receive the state document on professional development of the expert granting the right for increase of the category of compensation to the worker at his certification in public institutions.

To receive the highest or second higher education and the diploma of the state sample.

To pass professional retraining and to gain the diploma about the prof. to retraining.

The documents issued at remote form of education

At remote form of education are issued documents same, as well as at other forms of education:

- the diploma about the higher education of the state sample;

- the diploma about professional retraining of the state sample;

- certificate of professional development of the state sample;

- certificate on professional development of the state sample.