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How computers influence health of children?

computer technologies develop Every year more and more actively. There are new models of personal computers, realistichny there are also computer games. Undoubtedly, all this is very good and it is even very necessary, the science does not stand still, and constantly progresses.

But there are in it also minuses. Now it is seldom possible to see on the street of the walking children and if you see, then for certain not at their own will parents sent there. It is explained by the fact that many children have a computer now, and all the free time is found only for it. And it is not surprising! In computer games it is possible to kill the hated alien or, for example, to run over the old woman by car.

Sometimes parents in panic are afraid of the fact that their children can go blind from computers. But this belief is wrong. Scientists proved for a long time that completely to go blind from the computer, it is necessary to stay before it continuously near 650 years! Now think: even if the person all the life will stay in front of the computer, then it will cause a little noticeable loss to the sight.

And parents need to be afraid of another. A great number of children have diseases warmly now - vascular system. And many of these children worsen the state, staying in an intense pose at the computer and worrying concerning the progress in game. The computer negatively influences also other systems of a human body. For example, on nervous system. Let`s pay attention to those computer games which filled all markets now. In - the first, even in games for children of younger age it is necessary to steal something, to kill somebody What here to tell about games with a mark 16+? In - the second, games with this mark (16+) freely are on sale to first graders. To sellers all the same to whom and what to sell, by it the main thing to make profit. And all these games are filled with violence scenes, in them is full of an offensive language. After the child will play similar game, he begins to imitate the main hero of game who, for example, has to catch a cat and get it on a shot-gun as the muffler. At what age these children will need the help of the psychiatrist?.

The most interesting that only their parents can help children. It is necessary to buy to children computer toys in which the main task is collecting of florets and berries, the solution of puzzles, but not murder of an overseas being which does of the zombie`s people. Also try to limit children from too long stay at the computer. Till 5 years such work is not desirable at all, after - 7 - 15 minutes a day. Try to accustom children to books. Though it will be very difficult. As it is written in the book Harry Potter it could tear off from the screen of monitors millions of children. Something is doubtful. Now there is the whole series of computer games on subject Harry Potter . And opinion of children it: Why to read when it is possible and to try out as the legendary wizard?