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Whether it is possible to pretend to be clever?

Intellectual opportunities of the person are not boundless. They have a limit too, as well as at all another. But if you want to become more bright, and it is impossible, then pretend to be clever! Clever to look actually easier, than to be it. It is just necessary to follow a number of simple rules. So simple that generally, you look.

One of the first rules - needs to learn to be spoken correctly. Because if you do not want, descending for clever, to grow dumb with lack of colloquial practice, then you should develop the good, accurate and correct speech. On it at the person one of the first impressions about the level of your intelligence is created. Surrounding people will consider more willingly you as the clever man if you are able: it is clear to express the thoughts, to speak by a pleasant voice, at conversation not to falter and not to mumble.

Researchers from the Californian university asked two hundred forty volunteers to estimate degree of rationality of several tens people unfamiliar to them. Photos of these people were attached. Look like the man`s clever men who look good, well-groomed more. And the people looking not well-groomed and unattractive, in general, were estimated at too time as silly . Also it was found out that full-faced people are less similar to clever men, than people with oblong shape of the person. However! It is only appearance, actually everything can be and not so. Let`s remember, for example, M. V. Lomonosov`s portrait - here whom it is impossible to call thin, so it it. But we will not go to extremes. We are interested in appearance, we just want to pretend to be clever, but not to be it. So, to look the genius, it is necessary: to watch itself and to lose excess weight.

the Important detail is also sympathy of interlocutors. If you were pleasant to them, then it`s in the bag! They will estimate you as nice and fairly clever person. In spite of the fact that you will speak. With the interlocutor it is necessary to observe the standard of speech. Never interrupt the one who speaks, try to listen to him up to the end. Ask the specifying questions, pretend that you are interested in conversation with it even if actually it not so. Try to imitate imperceptibly behavior of the person to which there is a conversation. People just adore being in the company similar. If you do it, then the acquaintance distinguishes in you a soulmate at once.

The person is cleverer, the easier for him accurately to formulate and express the thoughts. Listen to clever people - you will be able to understand in their conversation a little (if at all you will be able). But as their conversation is beautiful! You will try, and then you will be able to learn a clever slang and will descend for the intellectual.

Thanks to these rules you will be able easily to hide the low indicator of IQ or just to hide the intellectual weariness. And to clever people is to what here to learn. Some geniuses tell such nonsense and look so that they can be taken for mentally ill people. And here if their speech was beautiful, and appearance well-groomed, then they would be even more similar on clever, than is actually. Good luck!