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How to be protected from the power vampire?

Why after communication with some people appear feeling of causeless irritability, the mood sharply worsens, there is a feeling that you squeezed out as a lemon ? From where there is this mysterious feeling of fatigue? Most likely, your friend - the power vampire. But how to distinguish the power vampire from the ordinary person? How quietly to communicate with it and not to feel then a breakdown?

There are several signs by which it is possible to determine the power vampire.

1. The main distinctive feature of the vampire is that they always irritate and enrage other people. Any trifle can be the cause for quarrel. Still they can humiliate the interlocutor in the presence of people around, laugh at him and angrily play a trick to cause irritation. Can borrow money and not give. However will constantly promise as soon as, then .

2. Power vampires hypochondriac people, bores and egoists. Often they just do not hear the interlocutor because his opinion, his thoughts and feelings of the vampire do not concern.

3. The power vampire is very jealous and vindictive. The vampire protects the personal donor from the outside world, surrounds with the increased attentiveness and care, is jealous of other people.

4. Power vampires can speak for hours by phone. At once load the interlocutor the problems and failures. Conversation reminds usual chatter of anything, but after it you for some reason begin to feel tired and suppressed. To get rid of the power vampire very difficult, offenses right there begin. Sometimes to have it is simple to switch-off phone.

5. There is an opinion that in the presence of power vampires the equipment constantly breaks and flowers fade. At them too most often flowers do not stay at home, they just do not love them, or flowers do not grow.

6. Vampires adore a congestion of the people: turns, demonstrations, big shops. Vampires like to appear where the probability of scandal is high. Scandal for them - an additional power source.

It is necessary to tell that there are also mixed types: the same person can prove in different situations and as the power vampire, and as the donor. Charming and kind people who just do not notice the negative impact on other people often occur among power vampires.

Very often it happens when one relative lives due to energy of another. It can be expressed in scandals, a showdown. However the family can be considered in general ideal, but someone in it constantly is ill and in general it is considered the loser. This person gives the energy to the vampire. By the way, when in a family two vampires, they or constantly swear and disperse, or live in perfect harmony also scoop energy in third-party communications.

Happens so that the vampire waits for you at work. And if it also chief? Such vampire does not love when around him the good mood reigns, he will make everything that this mood to spoil. And to overpersuade him it is useless.

There is still a curious type of vampires - it is sex - vampires. At the time of an orgasm of people it is filled with positive energy. And vampires take away this energy and do not give anything in exchange. After sexual contact with the power vampire his partner feels disharmony and a dissatisfaction.

So if among these characteristics you recognized the acquaintance, the friend, the relative or even darling, there is a question what to do?

In - the first, it is better not to communicate with the power vampire at all. And especially, if the person to you is unpleasant and uninteresting. Do not draw attention of power vampires, do not enter with them the friendly relations and do not make for them kind acts, refracting themselves. All of them equally in it will not estimate. And will just take away energy as soon as feel weak point.

In - the second, be not irritated! The vampire`s purpose - your irritation, this your weak spot. Instead of being irritated and angry, simply or avoid the conflict, or on the contrary make the reaction unexpected for the vampire. For example, joke or instead of crying, smile.

In - the third, protect the power and a biofield. For this purpose during conversation with the vampire cross legs or hands. It is possible to keep a fig in a pocket. It is possible to present that between you and the vampire there is a thick mirror which reflection is turned on the vampire.

If no, opportunities not to communicate with the power vampire, then try to accept the interlocutor with humor. And from rough statements of the vampire laugh the matter off. Be sure, it does not take out it and will not be able to do you harm.

And irritation and fatigue from the power vampire it is possible to take off by means of favourite music, movies, verses, books, aromatic oils. After contact with the vampire or after stay in places of a congestion of people it is necessary to take a contrast shower and to drink darling of hot tea. Take a walk among trees, they delay negative energy and process it into positive.

But the most important - let`s rejoice to every moment, let`s see in life only the best and light! Let`s accept life with humor and love and then no vampire will be able to overcome us!